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"The company looked after me well by providing free hotels the night before I had to go to London for the day as well as a free lunch while I was there. Furthermore, a taxi was provided for me during work hours in Manchester to go to the other side of the city and back to meet with a client."
Intern, Manchester
"My team was great and provided me with a branded water bottle, notepad, pen and earphones. My team also went to the horse races for a summer event and there was a sports day held for new graduates."
Intern, London
"I went to the British Beer Festival, went to Cambridge on a team day out and was offered tickets to a cricket game. There were also client lunches and various evenings when we went for drinks."
Intern, London
"I got a trip to France to help out with building surveys."
Intern, London - SMC
"I was taken out for lunch on my second-to-last day by my team and there was a BBQ on the roof of St Martin's Square on the last day, which had a great view of St Paul's."
Intern, London
"Leaving at 4.00 pm on Fridays. I also got free travel to certain site visits, some of which provided food and drink."
Intern, London
"I got a building consultancy night out that was paid for and went out for coffee with employees that was also paid for."
Intern, Edinburgh
"I had a number of free drinks bought for me and a free meal on my last day, which was hugely appreciated and heartfelt."
Intern, London
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