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(based on 29 ratings in 2019)


"During my time at CBRE, the company's training programme was very useful as all interns had a weekly training presentation that we attended. This included client care, presentation skills and a technology talk. As I worked in a regional office and all meetings were in London, I participated through conference calls, like many others, which was very beneficial."
Intern, Manchester
"I feel my presentation skills improved dramatically. At the end of the month you have to deliver one so they provide you with several meetings that give you tips to improve your skills. There are also e-learning modules that you have access to."
Intern, London
"Members of my team would often sit down for long periods of time to explain how the systems work. I learned to use the ValCap software, my Excel skills improved, my general property jargon got better and I learned various key terms and aspects of how different classes of property are valued in various ways."
Intern, London
"Training included pitching and presentation skills. I also picked up key communication skills, teamwork and report writing."
Intern, London
"I've had some really interesting training that I have taken some really useful skills from, as well as some great knowledge."
Intern, London
"We had training in presentation skills, pitching and client care. You learn more from the team you work with than the internship, but the HR department was great at organising talks."
Intern, London
"The presentation training we received was useful, as was the tech talk we received. My presentation skills and my knowledge of Excel have also improved."
Intern, Edinburgh
"I picked up great skills, such as my ability to network with both employees of CBRE and clients. I also learned skills such as being independent and getting myself to and from work and meetings in London."
Intern, London
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