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8.2 / 10

(based on 13 ratings in 2019)


"The culture is one of a flat hierarchy and everyone is approachable if you have something to add. People are willing to give up their time to help and socialising is good if you make the effort."
Graduate, London
"Everyone is very friendly and helpful and lots of social events are organised throughout the year, which are always fun! I expected to be the bottom of the food chain as a graduate but, even though I might be in terms of hierarchy and structure, I have never been made to feel like it. People tend to work as a team where everyone is responsible for their own work and just as important as anyone else involved."
Graduate, Dublin
"I think the culture at Fidelity is very friendly and employee focused. There is a lot of time and effort spent on providing training opportunities, improving the workplace and emphasising the importance of work/life balance. It is also a very busy culture, which requires you to be adaptable in your approach and communication."
Graduate, Dublin
"The culture is great and the work/life balance is a big plus. There are tonnes of activities all the time and these come in the form of golf outings, football games, quiz nights, game nights, volunteering opportunities and team nights out."
Graduate, Dublin
"The culture within Fidelity is excellent. There are no official offices in our Dublin site, meaning every employee (irrespective of seniority) sits at a desk and this reduces the risk of seniority inhibiting conversations between staff. Fidelity also has a strong focus on diversity and inclusion, something which is great to see in the financial services world. Individual teams will regularly socialise after work on a Thursday or Friday and there are also a variety of office-wide events such as charity quizzes and dinners. On top of this, there are multiple societies for staff to get involved with, covering a range of different interests such as football, golf and Fidelity For Everyone (our diversity and inclusion society)."
Graduate, Dublin
"The structure of the hierarchy in FIL is very flat. None of the senior managers are hidden away in closed offices and I believe this contributes to the collaborative environment here. Socialising outside of work completely depends on the teams as every team seems to be different. I have been happy with the teams I have worked in with regard to socialising."
Graduate, Dublin


"My team is sociable outside of hours and with other grads. The hierarchy is visible but only within certain parts of the organisation. Everyone works in a very flat hierarchy within my team, with everybody being approachable and open to new ideas and ways of working."
Technology, Graduate, London
"I've not really seen teams socialise outside of work or eat lunch together either. After-work drinks are rare in the country offices as everybody drives to work."
Graduate, Surrey (Tadworth)
"There could be slightly more social events outside of work, but there are opportunities for team/graduate drinks. Everyone is easy to work with and get along with on a personal level. There are no sports teams unfortunately, which would be a nice thing to have."
Graduate, London
"People are friendly and approachable and we have a good work/life balance. Fidelity can be a bit hierarchical but this is improving. There's good teamwork and co-operation as well as sociable colleagues."
Entry level, Dubai, UAE
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