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Interview Questions


"What makes company X an attractive investment? What are their competitive advantages? If you were the CEO, how would you expand into a new geographic market?"
Graduate, London
"I was asked to prepare a business case and had to say what kind of role I could see myself in and how my previous experience could help me."
Graduate, Dublin
"I was asked about time management and how I would balance multiple workloads and working with different managers simultaneously. I also talked about past challenges I have faced such as when I have come up against management, customers or any person of authority."
Graduate, Dublin
"Why are you interested in working for Fidelity? How and when have you demonstrated the core values that Fidelity emphasises?"
Graduate, Dublin
"How would I handle conflict on a project, if someone isn't pulling their weight for example? Have I got any experience implementing change?"
Graduate, Dublin
"Some questions I was asked in the interviews included: why are you a suitable candidate for this role? Why do you want to work for Fidelity? What attracts you to this role in particular? Tell us a time when you had to take a different approach to solve a problem. Describe a time when you had to take the lead in a team/project in order to get the work done."
Graduate, Dublin


"Why do you want to work for Fidelity? What do you have to offer this company? What makes you right for the role?"
Technology, Graduate, London
"Why are you interested in technology?"
Graduate, Surrey (Tadworth)
"What's your greatest achievement?"
Entry level, Dubai, UAE
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