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"Discounts are available at gyms and high street retailers for example. The employer pension contribution is also good."
Graduate, London
"We get free pizza every Thursday as well as a relocation allowance and a good pension scheme."
Graduate, London
"The perks of the job include travel to both big financial centres (eg in New York) and interesting places (such as gold mines in Africa). We also get to meet CEOs and stay in five-star hotels."
Mid level, London
"Fidelity offers a great pension scheme where it contributes the equivalent of 10% of your salary to your pension pot without you having to contribute anything. If you then choose to contribute 3% yourself they will match it, so you get 16% for the price of 3%!"
Graduate, Dublin
"There are a few great perks. For one, Fidelity offers an excellent pension scheme with generous monthly contributions and the offer of matching additional contributions paid by the employee. Fidelity is generous with its relocation package and it paid for my first month's accommodation while I looked for permanent residence in Dublin. We also have a tax-efficient travel scheme where the company can pay for your annual travel (trains, trams, buses etc) up front and then deduct an amount each month from your salary to cover this throughout the year."
Graduate, Dublin
"The pension contributions by Fidelity are great given that I don't have to contribute anything as of yet and still get a pension. This is a great positive for young employees who are unable to spare some of their salary."
Graduate, Dublin


"We get a high-quality pension, employee discounts, access to networking events and opportunities to get involved in initiatives outside of typical activities."
Technology, Graduate, London
"There's a good pension scheme and we always have a great Christmas party."
Graduate, London
"There's a slight lack of benefits and free perks but there are always work events that you can attend and we have good Christmas parties etc."
Entry level, Dubai, UAE
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