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8.7 / 10

(based on 10 ratings in 2019)


"Supervisors are easily accessible by you as an intern and there is always someone available to listen to you, whether that's thoughts and ideas or progress updates with how the internship is going. This also includes support for any course programme work you need to complete."
Technology, Placement Student, Surrey
"I report to a director who, despite being pretty rammed most days, still makes time for me and the graduates on my team. We get lunch most days and he's available on WhatsApp if needed."
Placement Student, London and Surrey
"The mentor I was given was not on my programme or based in my office, which was not ideal. I since met with a grad who was on my programme and office who I met with regularly. You are given the opportunity to get involved in several different projects as if you are a full-time employee. Also, in terms of performance feedback, I have had regular one-to-ones with my managers as well as end-of-rotation appraisals that have been very insightful."
Placement Student, Surrey
"Having one person supervise all the interns became a bit of a problem as, although our wonderful supervisor was very willing to meet with us/answer questions, she was very busy. It would've been useful to have more contact time/check-ins with her or another mentor. The buddies (grad scheme equity associates) were supportive and gave up a lot of time to help us, which was very kind of them."
Intern, London
"For me, my managers were great. They gave me fantastic guidance where I needed it and let me work autonomously when I didn't."
Intern, Kingswood
"My line manager was always in frequent contact, transparent with feedback and would definitely highlight any of my good performances to the rest of team. There were also other senior managers that I would work with more closely at times. They were also equally good in these areas of one-to-one management."
Intern, Kingswood


"Everyone across the floor has been willing to give up time to answer my questions. I also have a line manager, supervisor and buddy who I am in direct contact with."
Intern, London
"I think you get what you ask for. Everyone is very happy to take some time to have a chat or give feedback, you just have to ask for it. I think this is reasonable as people are busy and you are expected to take the initiative and drive your own experience here at Fidelity."
Intern, Tonbridge
"Every intern has a manager and a buddy (someone on the grad scheme). My manager was great. If you're outgoing enough, it's very easy to talk to other people in the office. My buddy was unfortunately based in Madrid, but she was very keen to talk to me on the phone and helped me a lot with my final presentation."
Intern, London/Kingswood
"People are very encouraging and readily give praise where it's due. I would never be scared to reach out to my supervisor for help if I was stuck on something."
Intern, Kingswood, Surrey/ London
"I have heard that most interns' supervisors are accessible. However, mine is quite a senior and busy most of the time, so I do not get to see her that much unfortunately. We aim to have a weekly one-to-one session but only two have been successful so far and the third one has been cancelled multiple times. I appreciate the freedom my project allows me, but I would like to get more feedback from my supervisor."
Intern, Kent.
"My manager was very welcoming and good at integrating me within the team and making me feel useful. Internal communication was very good as we had a formalised review in the middle of my internship as well as regular catch-ups about my progress and projects. Regular feedback meant I knew what I was doing right and what I could improve on. Besides my manager, the people on my team were also helpful and made me feel part of the team."
Intern, London/Kingswood
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