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Interview Questions


"My interview questions ranged from questions such as: describe a time when you've overcome challenges within a project. Describe a time when you worked well in a team. Why do you want to work for this company? How important are the company's values?"
Technology, Placement Student, Surrey
"The interview consisted of a group presentation, an individual presentation and a traditional interview. The questions asked in the interview were strengths based so along the lines of 'tell me about a time where you had to manage a team' etc."
Placement Student, London and Surrey
"Why Fidelity? Why Asset Management? Why you? Name a time when you had to show leadership skills. Name a time when you had to adapt your style of communication to your audience. Name a time when you encountered a challenge with a team and what you did to overcome this."
Placement Student, Surrey
"Why do you want to work for a private company? Which role within sales and marketing do you want to work in? Where do you want to be in three to five years? What motivates you?"
Intern, Kingswood
"Do you like to do things with tried and tested methods, or new ways? What de-energises you? What would motivate you to succeed at Fidelity?"
Intern, Kingswood
"Questions were mostly based on my strengths and interests and the reason for selecting this particular company."
Placement Student, Cannon Street, London.


"I got asked CV-specific questions and strengths-based questions."
Intern, London
"I was asked questions that related to Fidelity's values of excellence, innovation and integrity. For example, I was asked how I dealt with a situation where I had made a mistake. There weren't really any industry-related questions but it is helpful to have some knowledge for context."
Intern, Tonbridge
"Some specific questions about things on my application form came up, but most of them were more general."
Technology, Placement Student, Kingswood
"I was asked general competency questions and high-level things about my past experience, especially in the first two interviews. In the last one I was asked more specific questions about the projects or jobs I had mentioned previously. The final interview was more of a conversation than a question-and-answer situation. We found common ground in technology and had a good conversation about the possible future challenges for the business."
Intern, Kent.
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