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Interview: Tips & Advice


"The interview process comprised of multiple stages. There was a video interview and then an assessment day at the office. The assessment day involved different exercises as well as a final interview. Any tips I would give would be to be confident in your ability and understand the company."
Technology, Placement Student, Surrey
"The interview process was very welcoming and personable. My tip would be to make the interview feel like a conversation rather than you just answering a set of questions. Relate what you're saying to your hobbies and current news events etc."
Placement Student, London and Surrey
"As an investment intern, there was the online application and then an online situational judgement/maths test. This was followed by an interview and then a full-day assessment centre including a practice stock pitch."
Intern, London
"Do your research about the company and be sure you know why you want to work for Fidelity as a private company and in the role you have applied for. Apart from that, the rest of the assessment centre was group and individual exercises that you cannot really prepare for, so just be relaxed and yourself on the day. Just show your best self. I flew in from the US for the assessment centre so still apply if you are abroad as Fidelity is very generous in helping cover these costs."
Intern, Kingswood
"There's a situational judgement test, a pre-recorded video interview, a face-to-face (Skype) interview and an assessment centre. I would advise prospective candidates to take every stage of the interview process as it comes and prepare for each as if it is the first one again. Refer back to good content that you feel made you successful in the previous rounds but do not rely too much on this as each part of the recruitment process becomes more challenging and allows you to go into more depth in your answers."
Intern, Kingswood


"The application process is quite rigorous and long-winded. Really have a think about what you want from a career with Fidelity and how you can add value to the company. Knowing and understanding the company values is essential and try not to stress about it too much. Everyone here wants you to succeed so just be yourself and do your best."
Intern, Tonbridge
"My process was an online assessment form followed by a telephone interview, a video interview and finally an assessment day at the office."
Technology, Placement Student, Kingswood
"I wouldn't stress too much about the interviews as they mostly consist of questions about yourself. Research the company and the market, but you won't be tested on anything technical. Also, don't be cocky."
Intern, London/Kingswood
"I had an online assessment that consisted of psychometric tests followed by a phone interview and then a face-to-face interview over Skype. Once I had passed all these I was invited to an assessment centre that consisted of group and research tasks as well as another interview. My tip would be to stay relaxed throughout the entire process. You'll be able to communicate better if you're not on edge."
Placement Student, Surrey and London
"My top tip for candidates applying is making sure that you're a match for the culture and understand the core values of Fidelity, as the company looks for these in new hires."
Intern, London/Kingswood
"There's an online form followed by telephone, face-to-face and video interviews. There is then an assessment centre with three rounds of interviews, an Excel test and an individual task. I would really advise candidates to understand what they are applying for. It seems simple but understanding the role, the business and the industry is really important. This not only comes across well in interviews but it is important to understand the role to see whether or not you would actually enjoy it."
Intern, London
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