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"The opportunities available to allow you to develop your skills within areas of technology and use these newly developed skills to understand a career path you want to go down."
Technology, Placement Student, Surrey
"Lots of flexibility and autonomy. Once I have been assigned a project, it's up to me to ensure its success. This includes research, requirement elicitation, development, deployment and everything in-between. There's the option to work from home if I need to and the opportunity to travel abroad as well. Working in London also has all the benefits you'd expect."
Placement Student, London and Surrey
"The culture of the organisation is extremely friendly and every person feels very approachable, regardless of their level in the hierarchy."
Placement Student, Surrey
"The absolute best thing about doing an internship at Fidelity is the trust it instils in you to really have a go at meaningful and value-adding tasks."
Intern, Kingswood
"Lunch and learns were very interesting and a great way to discover what other parts of the business do and get an insight into how everything fits together."
Intern, London, Kent
"The best thing is getting exposed to many financial services that Fidelity provides and how technologies can be used alongside the services to enhance the customer experience, as well as get to learn about the new trends that are happening around the financial world. As the company has a global presence, there is a good opportunity for interns to have networks around the world."
Placement Student, Cannon Street, London.


"The atmosphere! Interns are treated as an asset to the company and everyone puts in a lot of effort to make sure our experience here is a good as it can get. Even senior managers will take time out to speak to you, which is a great networking opportunity."
Intern, Tonbridge
"There's very good training. The first week was dedicated to getting us up to speed with the company and the market."
Intern, London/Kingswood
"The corporate atmosphere is great, very supportive and I don't feel pressurised. Everyone wants you to succeed and there is a push for people to do well and work hard but never to an extreme degree. The company seems to actively hire lovely people."
Intern, Kingswood, Surrey/ London
"I really appreciate the fact that I have the opportunity to meet representatives from multiple departments and have the freedom to arrange meetings with teams whose work I find interesting. I have been given an amazing opportunity to truly understand the way departments work and interact."
Intern, Kent.
"The culture at Fidelity is definitely its strongest selling point and the people in my team have made me feel extremely welcome. The scheme also aims to make sure interns know each other and tries to engage interns across different departments by organising weekly lunch-and-learns as well as socials."
Intern, London/Kingswood
"The internship has been structured so that I have one project throughout. This allows me to go more in depth and take a greater responsibility than I would otherwise have been given as an intern."
Intern, London
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