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7.4 / 10

(based on 8 ratings in 2017)


"Most of the training has been on the job although we have had a few sessions with our manager to train us up on pieces of knowledge about the company that are required for our project."
Intern, London, UK
"G-Research strives to hire very talented developers so there isn't a formal training process. New employees tend to pick things up on the fly by being given responsibility on real business problems from day one. There are occasional seminars and presentations organised that anyone can attend to discuss specific technologies or company-specific processes."
Intern, London
"There is a lot of learning while you work but everyone is always willing to give their time to help you learn and understand, so it isn't an issue."
Intern, London
"As an intern, I was provided with a short introduction to business and to the project by our team leader. He was always happy to explain this stuff in more detail later on if we were struggling to understand something."
Intern, London


"The financial training was good. C# training was not at such a high standard but is being overhauled this year. The in-house training has been very good."
Graduate, London
"The graduate program included a month of training in finance, C# and internal tools used within the company. This provides a general background of knowledge that might be useful, but a lot of skills are team-specific and are learnt once you start working with your team."
Graduate, London
"Opportunity for training programs in the area that you work. Constantly learning internally as well as external training opportunities."
Graduate, London
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