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Interview Questions


"I had a combination of general questions and competency-based questions that focused on example situations linked to Gist's key competencies."
HR, Graduate, Newbury
"I wasn't asked any logistics-specific questions as Gist does not expect you to have background knowledge of this. I was asked about Gist as a company and why I was trying to pursue a career within logistics."
Graduate, Thatcham
"There were a lot of situational questions relating to my previous jobs and how my experiences could be brought into this role."
Graduate, Barnsley
"These are based around the Gist critical performance requirements (drive, personal effectiveness, leading and energising, focus on the critical, delivering results, and living the differentiating), you will be assessed on these. I'd say think about what these mean to you and how you are able to include these in your answers."
Graduate, Thatcham


"I was asked competency questions such as: can you describe a time when you have been faced with a problem that you didn't know how to solve?"
Graduate, Crewe
"They all focused around the company's critical performance requirements."
Mid level, Stone
"People management is critical."
"Why Gist? Tell me about a time when you persuaded someone do something that they didn't want to do."
Graduate, Prefer not to say
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