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Interview Questions


"I was given examples of skills including leadership, partnership and integrity and asked how I had demonstrated them. There was also group work with other candidates."
Human Resources, Graduate, London
"Questions were about myself, my previous work and my education. There were also some brain teasers."
Graduate, London
"I had motivational questions about why I'd applied for my specific division as well as questions testing my knowledge of the market and business and personal questions about my experience."
Graduate, London
"There were traditional skills-based questions such as 'tell me about a time you led a team' etc. However, the process was mainly conversational. I was asked about my hobbies and why I liked them. I was also asked about my technical skills."
Entry level, London
"Many of the questions were based around my choices of university, studies and internships. These included why I had chosen them and how these choices tied together. Other questions related more specifically to my past experiences and how I had behaved in some situations. For example, did you ever face difficulties in a team and how did you resolve them? Did you fulfil a position of leadership and how were you chosen for it? What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?"
Graduate, London
"Prepare for questions about your CV, what skills you have and examples of when you have demonstrated core competencies (such as teamwork and communication) or when you have made a mistake. I also had some brain teasers and some 'trick' questions that were designed to see how I thought."
Graduate, London
"I was asked to talk about a time when I had made a process more efficient."
Graduate, London
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