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Interview: Tips & Advice


"I submitted my application online and was invited to an assessment centre. Research the culture and structure of the company and check recent news. Know your CV well and be prepared to back up points with strong examples."
Human Resources, Graduate, London
"Be yourself. J.P. Morgan is interested in hiring individuals so there is no stereotypical J.P. Morgan employee."
Graduate, London
"Read a lot about the firm so that you understand what J.P. Morgan stands for, as the culture of the firm and the number of divisions/opportunities is truly the selling point. Make sure you follow the daily news and know what is going on in the market and how it impacts the firm."
Graduate, London
"The interview process is rigorous but you are applying for a top investment bank so this is to be expected. Do as much reading as you can pre-interview. A good tip would to be spend some time googling brain-teaser interview questions as these are a much-loved favourite."
Graduate, London
"It's very important to demonstrate enthusiasm as well as knowledge. The assessment centre is a one-day event consisting of group exercises (presentations and negotiations) and back-to-back interviews with individuals from across the firm. There are further interviews on an additional day if required (about half seem to get invited to this)."
Graduate, London
"The application process is quite simple when compared to other firms. Applicants fill out personal details, submit a CV and answer two or three essay questions. If successful, you will proceed to a psychological test followed by a one-day assessment centre. This includes individual interviews as well as a case study. I can recommend researching any position you apply for thoroughly as well as talking to people in the industry if possible. Then go through your own CV and think through the qualities you have demonstrated already that would be useful for the position."
Graduate, London
"We went through a rigorous process for applying to the firm including an online application, assessment centre (compromising of four interviews), group activity and final presentation. My advice would be to come as well prepared as possible. Read the Financial Times or Bloomberg to become up to date with current affairs and don't just focus on financial topics. Read about politics, sport and technology etc as this gets you into a good habit of being informed."
Graduate, Bournemouth, United Kingdom
"There's an online application followed by two first-round interviews and an assessment centre, which entails two further interviews and a case study. Make sure to keep up to date with recent financial news (FT/Economist) and practise interview questions regularly to build confidence."
Graduate, London
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