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"There's still a lot of bureaucracy in certain processes."
Human Resources, Graduate, London
"The rotation scheme means that you cannot always determine which teams you will be going into and they might not always align with your chosen career path."
Graduate, London
"The bureaucracy inherent in working at a large company."
Graduate, London
"As with any large corporation, many aspects of the work are very bureaucratic and hierarchical."
Entry level, London
"The size of the company can sometimes cause disorganisation when working across teams and there's high employee turnover."
Graduate, London
"The intensity of the workload as there are always plenty of projects ongoing."
Graduate, London
"Given the significant size and scale of the bank, it can sometimes be difficult to understand how everything fits together, so it may prove challenging to push through meaningful change compared to a more nimble, smaller organisation."
Graduate, London
"I guess the main thing I see as a negative is that our company is so large. It can be very easy to focus on your day-to-day job and not fully understand where you fit in. This comes down to the individual, though."
Graduate, Bournemouth, United Kingdom
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