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Satisfaction with Work

7.7 / 10

(based on 11 ratings in 2017)


"I manage data, assist in large projects and may also deal with general ad hoc HR queries from employees. I also frequently use Excel and PowerPoint."
Human Resources, Graduate, London
"I have a real impact on decisions in the firm. I have owned and delivered key elements of change for the bank and this has been very satisfying."
Graduate, London
"My role involves speaking to many people in different departments, pulling reports, supporting the roles of sales managers, ensuring client deadlines are met and managing projects."
Graduate, London
"The quality of the work as an analyst is very mixed as you will be expected to learn everything from the bottom. In the beginning, you can expect to do trackers, update internal reporting and material, and prepare parts of client presentations. However, the responsibility you get exponentially increases with your time here and as you learn more."
Graduate, London
"I am working on a project in which I have been given real responsibility and accountability for my actions and decisions. This is very satisfying and complimentary at my level."
Graduate, London
"With growing regulation, especially when dealing with individuals, every interesting investment we make requires an awful lot of accompanying administration. As an analyst in the team you get involved with (and take charge of owning) almost every aspect of the process unfortunately also includes all of the admin."
Graduate, London
"My role is split between two teams: process re-engineering and analytics. Both of these are essential to my department and this means that there are high priorities around my work. A large part of my day is driven by business analysis (documenting what the current process entails, identifying manual operations and risk areas and engaging with stakeholders to use their expert knowledge on what areas could be improved), risk identification and risk mitigation. Another side of my role is analytics and developing business intelligence tools to increase the dynamic interaction with a user/department and their/its data."
Graduate, Bournemouth, United Kingdom
"When working on a live transaction, the main responsibility of an analyst is to prepare a credit memo detailing the transaction, the credit quality of the borrower and all relevant considerations from a credit perspective. This allows you to learn a great deal about a company/industry and, as it is actually a very collaborative process, interact with multiple teams across the bank. As an analyst, you will also participate regularly in calls with other parties as the transaction progresses and may have the chance to go on on-site due diligence trips. If you're not working on a live deal, there are more portfolio management related tasks that primarily relate to reviewing clients (usually on an annual basis) as we update our credit views in line with a company's latest performance."
Graduate, London
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