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"It's well respected in the industry and highly ranked by the university careers team and TARGETjobs."
Human Resources, Graduate, London
"The J.P. Morgan brand is known for always doing the right thing for the client. I have to trust any employer that I am going to put my name to."
Graduate, London
"The culture, rotational programme and the global nature of the bank."
Graduate, London
"It is a world-renowned institution with endless opportunities. The training programme cannot be rivalled and is the perfect start to the rest of your career."
Graduate, London
"The company's reputation and the prestige involved in working here."
Entry level, London
"The company's reputation and position of global leadership played a large role in my decision. That said, the main reason was that a close friend had already done an internship with the firm and was extremely happy with the work culture and experience."
Graduate, London
"The first thing that attracted me to J.P. Morgan was the brand. I knew that it was a large institution with a strong reputation following the financial crisis and I wanted to work with the best bank in the industry. As I did more research I felt that my personal views were strongly aligned with the bank's culture and I spoke with contacts that I had met through friends and family to get the inside view. When I eventually decided to apply, the interview process only reassured me that J.P. Morgan was the right place for me to launch a successful career."
Graduate, London
"The quality of the analyst programme and reputation of the firm."
Graduate, London
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