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7.8 / 10

(based on 5 ratings in 2019)


"Most people are wonderful and I have gained some great friends from working here and have learned a lot from them."
Technology, Graduate, London
"It's a friendly social environment that's competitive, and flexible working is supported. There's a good focus on healthy living (we were voted the healthiest company to work for, with a gym on site and access to a doctors and dentist), a good work/life balance in my department and I like that it's a global company that gives me the ability to interact with other colleagues in the US, Asia and Japan. There's a flatter hierarchy than in some other large banks."
Graduate, london
"Everyone is very friendly and there are regular team get-togethers outside of office hours. The hierarchy is quite flat so talking to anyone is quite easy. There's a lot of teamwork in my team as it is currently very small."
Graduate, London
"We have a great culture here. There's a good working environment and many extracurricular activities to participate in."
Graduate, London


"Good effort all round to integrate interns into the company and feel like already figure as part of longer term plans and not just the 10 weeks. As there is good time and training invested in personal development."
"Collegial and collaborative. Easy-going but focused on success. After-hours easy to get to know team on a more personal level at the nearby pub where it seems the entire office goes after work. Titles exist but structure nearly flat as it is easy to speak to anyone higher/lower in seniority."
"Everyone at Nomura is much friendly than I had expected and the hierarchy that exists does not stop you from interacting with people from all levels within the company. I have been socialising after work with my team on a few occasions now. Nomura has a large intake of interns and this means that there is usually a social activity of some kind happening every week."
"As mentioned, the atmosphere is a bit more friendly than other banks. People are not as aggressive and many employees are willing to invest time in your development as an intern. Teamwork seems relatively strong in situations which require it. Social activities are pretty well organised by the company, with a very enjoyable mid-term social for the interns at City Golf. Furthermore, the HR team have made sure to provide plenty of networking opportunities for the interns throughout the course of the internship."
"Meritocratic. If you do things well you will get noticed. Being a smaller company with regards to employees there are more opportunities to speak to senior management and I have always found them approachable"
"Very relaxed and motivated work environment with lots of support if needed. Very sociable interns including events organised by HR."
"I think the company works hard to promote its charitable side and HR provided a range of social events throughout the internship for interns and staff to mingle. In addition there are various presentations held for interns to learn about the different areas of the bank."
"I have had experience at numerous banks. I find the culture here to be the best."
"So far, my experience as an intern has been extremely rewarding as there has been a great social life outside of working hours. There have been several events organised for us which I think really show the commitment of the company to keeping their employees satisfied. I have also found that in office hours things seem relaxed and I feel comfortable to take a break if I need to. Everybody is very cooperative and happy to help."
"The culture of the bank is 1st class. I would say this is Nomura's strongest asset. The staff are very open & friendly. Managing directors are very accessible at Nomura. There is a strong emphasis on teamwork which filters right the way through to sales, trading & research desks. Socialising usually occurs on a Thursday or Friday as an intern."
"Extremely friendly and approachable staff. I did my fair share of networking before going through the selection process at Nomura, and my networking experience with Nomura employees was by far the most fruitful, engaging and rewarding vis-a-vis any other investment bank that I reached out to. Every individual at Nomura is extremely open and willing to put in that extra effort to accommodate the interns."
"Despite Nomura being a Japanese bank, I believe its culture in the European office to be very European. As an intern, I felt part of the team. I had no difficulties accessing the team members and asking relevant questions or socialising. The atmosphere is very similar within the interns group. Here, the numerous networking events helped a lot."
"People are friendly and easy to talk to. Work culture is relatively relaxed, but everyone still works very hard. Teams are very integrated, and work well together. There is a lot of scope for a junior to join the desk and add value. People do take the time out to teach you. There is a flat structure, and you might even find yourself sitting between the VP and MD."
"Very good working atmosphere and open communication policy. Expectations are high but clearly expressed. Everyone in your team(s) will help with any questions or issues. Senior bankers are approachable and practice an open door policy. Working hours are long and include weekend work but unreasonable hours are avoided if possible and colleagues will listen to individual problems/issues related to working times. As the intern class is smaller than in the summer program, interns in this program are integrated as full time employees and get treated the same way. This includes similar responsibilities and similar expectations as junior bankers but also the includes the participation in team events, (offsites), or team drinks after work."
"Supportive and friendly team, always regarded me a substantial part of the team, helped me in all topics and introduced me to new things. Senior bankers were very friendly, and often invite for coffees. There is no face time at Nomura."
"People are extremely nice at Nomura. In the office, the atmosphere is serious and calm. My team members don't put me under hard pressure even if they clearly expect high quality work. After hours, we often have drinks together. In Paris, I have lunch with the bankers on a regular basis too and I play in the Paris soccer team, so all that I can say is how wonderful is the Nomura's spirit in and out of the office."
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