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8.8 / 10

(based on 5 ratings in 2019)


"We have a diverse mix of employees. The firm is committed to increasing the number of women in senior management roles."
Graduate, london
"It seems pretty diverse overall. There are lots of groups supporting the various diverse groups of people here. I have personally only seen people be inclusive of others."
Graduate, London
"We have excellent networks and diversity inclusion. There are no issues here."
Graduate, London


"The company is committed to hiring anyone that meets the requirements from a technical and culture fit standpoint, on site there is a Women in Business group, many ethnic group meetings, as well as an LGBT group."
"Nomura is big on diversity as they ensure they have put in place various support networks such as Women in Nomura network, LGBT networks, etc. They also ensure interns get a chance to network with such networks to ask any questions and dispel all myths about perceived lack of diversity. They also have a Multi-Faith Room which is fantastic as it shows that they have recognised the existence of the wide range of faith backgrounds at the firm. They are probably the only firm that conduct female only spring internships (The Women Immersion Program for 1st year students on a 3 year degree or 2nd year students on a 4 year degree)."
"Nomura has lots of different worker groups within the organisation that can come together and share their similarities and differences. On the whole, people at every level come from various different backgrounds and their personal life does not affect the success they can achieve at work."
"I have been very impressed with the company's attitude to diversity. As a woman one of the reasons I applied was because of the group 'Women in Nomura' that specifically supports women in the workplace. There are also very many employees of all kinds of ethnicity."
"Nomura is a truly multi cultural and multi lingual bank. The staff come from various backgrounds/religions. There was a diversity event put on for the interns where we got to network with a huge range of employees with differing backgrounds, religion and sexualities. Furthermore, Nomura host a two week work experience programme in Easter for women only."
"Nomura is very keen to be fair and equal to all employees. You would never feel disrespected here."
"Diversity is encouraged, there are people from everywhere. There are lunch events designed for the female interns to get to know the women network at Nomura, which are inspirational. There are networking opportunities available for interns with all diversity groups within Nomura."
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