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Green Initiatives

8.6 / 10

(based on 5 ratings in 2019)


"The company is trying to reduce its carbon footprint and generally be kind to the environment."
Graduate, London
"The company is very aware of its carbon footprint and has many schemes to limit it."
Graduate, London


"Each desk row have separated bins to ensure we recycle as much as possible."
"There are specialized recycling bins for all garbage and other green initiatives."
"Nomura is very big on this. It has launched a Green Nomura initiative to encourage its employees to cut their carbon footprint by using less paper and recycling coffee cups or water bottles. It also launches various green Nomura weeks such as the recent Nomura Recycling Awareness Week in June 2012. Finally it also encourages employees to recycle by offering them reward points for doing so which they can claim back in actual discounts."
"The new office was officially opened just over a year ago, having been built to the greenest standards. Its practically carbon neutral with lots of energy saving initiatives throughout, there are even some bee hives on the roof! The honey gets harvested by volunteers and is then sold on to raise money for our chosen charity."
"The office is promoting a paperless environment."
"This is one of the main things I read about when researching the company, there is a great emphasis on recycling and the building itself is designed to reduce its carbon footprint."
"All systems enter standby mode automatically after a few minutes of inactivity. Lighting and air conditioning also works on a similar principle."
"There is recycling and the water in the firm is purified rain water."
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