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"I work around 40 hours a week as I'm in the corporate division."
Technology, Graduate, London
"I work shift hours in my team so these are set. However, working from home is available if I have an appointment, for example."
Graduate, london
"My hours are about seven a week more than I'm contracted for but it's still very reasonable for this industry. I often have early mornings though, which I am not a fan of."
Graduate, London
"I'm not usually required to work outside of my standard working hours."
Graduate, London


"I work 50-60 hours. Usually get in around 7am and leave at around 7pm. Sometimes stay one or two hours later and very occasionally come in on a Sunday if I have deadlines."
"On average 70 hours/week. Time goes by quickly though as there are many things to do besides sit at the desk and work, such as collaborating with other teams on projects, coffee chats with, team breakfasts/lunches/dinners, and the on-site gym to help de-stress."
"Hours are 8:30-6:30, so 50 hours a week. It is alright, just takes time to get used to."
"On Credit/ABS the hours are very manageable. The day starts at 7:35 with the credit call and you can expect to be out of the office by 18:00."
"Average day for me is 7-5ish. Sometimes later but is a nice working environment so I don't mind putting the hours in."
"I work from 8.00am to 9.30pm on average, (7.00pm on Friday). I spend 65 hours per week at the office on average."
"My typical hours are 9am till 6pm every day, with an hour taken for lunch. This totals up to a roughly 45 hour working week, but don't expect every week to be like that! There are the occasional late nights, one or two each month, though these are made easier by the provision of free food and a car ride home after 10pm. It may be tougher than some other jobs and they may ask you to work harder, but they look after you which is the main thing!"
"I spend around 14 hours on average each day in the office."
"My average working week is 80-100 hours."
"In line with the street. I work 70-80 hours on average."
"Around 75 hours a week but I have weekends off."
"On average I spend around 50 hours in the office, (about half 8 till 6 each day). Before beginning work I thought 50 hours would be very difficult but the time passes quickly and comparing myself to interns in other departments I think I have far less hours."
"No surprises here. Global Markets is relatively comfortable in terms of working hours. I spend, on an average, 12 hrs in office every day."
"Depends on desk again, but sometimes normal hours don't apply. Start in equities is probably normal for banking but is still ridiculously early."
"I work 100+ hours a week."
"On average I spend around 65-70 hours/week in the office. Essentially when starting on a new desk it is important to catch up with the basics of the new environment, (product, regulation...)."
"My average working week is probably about 85 hours."
"I work 70-75 hours as an average with high peaks of up to 95 hours."
"Hours are fixed in the morning, which is the busiest time. But this will depend on the desk. On average in Fixed Income, I worked an average of 65 hours each week. In Equities Research, it is the same, (average 12hrs per day), but this can increase if there is a research note due to come out. People try and get out early on Fridays, and you are encouraged to follow the team. There is no face time, but punctuality is required."
"I work 80-100 hours per week (with weekend work expected), depending on business need, (deal flow and team capacity). Very long hours, but compared to other banks in line with average."
"I spend a lot of time in the office but this is not at all a surprise. First and foremost, it's my second experience in investment banking and I knew the hours would be very long before joining Nomura for the second time. Secondly, all the team work together even late. On average, I spend 70-80 hours in the office each week."
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