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Interview Process


"I had a two round interview. First round was with three interviewers back-to-back at the Amsterdam office. Second round was with four interviewers back-to-back at the London office. The questions ranged from technical, motivational, and competence-based questions. Not very different interview methodology from what exists at other bulge bracket I-banks."
"Various, candidates should be able to discuss anything from financial markets, to maths, to cooking, to sports, etc."
"Nomura's interview process was much more professional, structured, and comprehensive than the other banks. Separate first-round fit and technical interviews. Technical interview consisted of an hour long written case/exam drawing upon all major accounting and corporate finance concepts. Recruiters top notch, far above other banks; friendly, much faster on email, go out of their way to get to know each candidate. No irrelevant brain teasers."
"Sent CV and covering letter and was then selected to go to interview with two senior employees in managerial positions."
"I was mainly asked competency based questions such as giving examples of when I have used problem solving skills, etc. I was also asked some broad questions about the financial markets to gauge my understanding."
""Why the firm and why the division?" "What spurred my interest in banking?" Questions around what makes you a credible candidate. There was also a case study to read about two stocks after which you must decide whether to buy/sell/hold - then pitch it to one of the business representatives. General competency questions - especially questions on team working, communication and leadership abilities. Questions to gauge your creativity and entrepreneurship skills are also asked because Nomura is a growing global firm which is looking to expand into new regions post Lehman Brothers Takeover - so it is important to show these skills. Strengths and weakness. Greatest challenges and how you have overcome them. Your interests."
"The questions were focused on me clarifying points on my CV, explaining what I know about the company, why I want/should work there and what I thought I would be doing."
"Why do you want to work in investment banking instead of chemistry? A couple of 'situation' questions - e.g. name me a time when you've shown composure/leadership/initiative, etc. Tell me about a financial story you've been following in the news recently."
"The process consists of a first-round 45 minute interview with a senior member of staff, followed by a second-round assessment centre consisting of a team presentation exercise and two 45 minute interviews with senior members of staff. The sorts of questions asked are fairly typical interview questions, and generally your interviewers are pretty friendly and not there to stress you out. They'll put you through your paces to make sure you're the right person for the job, but they won't ever make you feel bad about it."
"The interview questions that I was asked were very quantitative - lots of math questions and brain teasers. I also had a presentation on a stock after reading some research reports and then had to answer questions about that."
"Some very technical questions. Economic context questions, e.g. how do you see the Euro crisis? Soft skills questions, e.g. If you could have superpowers which ones would it be?"
"I was asked a wide variety of questions ranging from very work related questions about my previous employment, why Nomura should hire me and what I want from a career, to less formal questions about my hobbies and what my friends would say about me. I was also asked a great deal about the company itself."
""What has been the greatest achievement in your life so far that you are proud of?" An example of team work. Several brainteasers."
"The interview process was very well-structured. I was tested on my market awareness and conceptual understanding of financial subjects."
"I had a first round interview in Zurich with one analyst and was then invited to the second round interviews in London. There I first had to make a pitch. This was then followed by 5 interviews which focused around my motivation for working for Nomura and my ability for quantitative and analytical reasoning."
"Competency based and technical questions. Standard global markets interview."
"Initial interview, followed by assessment centre which included two more interviews and a group exercise. Interviews felt very friendly, and were conducted in a conversational manner."
"I was fast tracked to the assessment centre. I thought it was very good, especially the team challenge, as it was based on a real life concept, and put you under a bit of pressure. The interviews were also fine, the questions asked were along the lines of "Why Nomura?, Tell me about yourself, etc" I also had one programming question as the interview had finished early."
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