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Interview: Tips & Advice


"Learn about the company and know why you want the role you are applying for. Focus on your soft skills and be able to explain why you're interested in this industry and why this firm within the industry."
Technology, Graduate, London
"There's a graduate process involving an online application, online tests, an assessment centre and interviews. My tips are to do lots of practice tests online beforehand and research the role and company."
Graduate, london
"I had already done a year-long placement and a summer placement here, so the application process for this job was just one interview."
Graduate, London
"Be yourself and revise the lecture notes a bit."
Graduate, london


"Be yourself, do not try to be smarter or cooler than you are. The worst thing that can happen to you is being hired for some traits that you do not naturally possess. When you start your actual internship, the true "you" will come out anyway and people will realise that you may not be a good fit for the role that you were initially hired for. Read financial news, be "on the ball" when it comes to geopolitical environment and know Excel."
"Do some research on the company, especially how the company is doing in everyday affairs. Do some practice interviews. Have some standard answers prepared, or situations for teamwork, leadership, initiative, etc. ready so that you know what to say!"
"Prepare lots of examples for competency based questions and keep on top of the recent financial news, especially Eurozone and new regulations."
"Learn everything you can about the business. Have a reason for wanting to be there, a genuine one, then your enthusiasm will boost the entire interview."
"Know how to tell your story and résumé. Explain why all the choices you've made have brought you to IBD. Have some corporate finance knowledge especially if you have interned there before. If you don't know the answer take your time and don't panic. Be someone your interviewer would like to work with."
"Focus on the basic stuff and understand it very well. Don't worry about saying "I don't know" if something gets too difficult, they don't expect you to be an expert but you have to understand what you are talking about."
"Have a broad understanding of the role as well as a good knowledge of the company. The culture of the company and why it is suited to you as well a current news regarding the industry. Commercial awareness seems to be one of the most important things."
"The team exercise is not really something you can prepare for, just get your head in a numbers mood on the day and be a positive member of the team. As for the interviews, do plenty of research into the company, its history, and what its current focus is - shows you care enough about the company to put in this time. Also, make sure you learn the day's share price before you go in, and maybe have a rough idea of the last quarterly results to give you something to talk about. Prepare your typical interview questions well in advance, but be prepared to change them as the questions asked may have a little twist in them. The Nomura website has some great resources for before your interview. Final piece of advice, be friendly and polite to everyone in the organisation, do not look down on anyone. One snappy or snide remark to a cleaner or receptionist will get back to HR and you will not be considered!"
"I would recommend that candidates read the FT/Economist regularly and have an opinion on the market. It's important to stand out in the interview stage and have a confident approach and friendly manner. Connecting with the interviewer was key to getting an offer."
"I would advise people to do their research! You can't apply to a company if you don't know anything about them. I'd also say be yourself and your natural abilities will come through. Also don't be afraid to ask interviewers about themselves and their roles - it shows interest and you can learn a lot."
"Make sure your financial knowledge of the markets is of a high standard. Read the Financial times everyday three weeks prior to your interview. Do mock interviews with friends/family. Practice the delivery/execution of your interview thoroughly."
"It is not all about crunching down the free cash flow and WACC formulas. You have to reveal your personality in the best possible way and make the interviewers like you."
"Study the market, prepare competency based questions, be confident."
"Read the financial news and have a broad picture. Also learn to express your opinions about events in the economy."
"Make sure you speak in the assessment centre, but not be too dominating. Also when you get your scenario, try to think outside the box. Also link it to real life scenarios, this will show that you are actually thinking about the problem in a wider scope. Time management is key!"
"I would advise any potential candidate to do his homework about the firm before the interviews, and to get to know people within Nomura before being interviewed. This is the only way to be prepared and to know where you are actually being interviewed. Also, I would definitely recommend being technically prepared and aware of the economics and capital markets situation."
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