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"It can be difficult to get changes made."
Technology, Graduate, London
"The hours can be long and graduates sometimes have difficulty getting placed in the role they're after."
Graduate, London
"The business could be better at rewarding those who do a good job."
Graduate, London


"There are days when the workload can be busy, and you can't really leave until it's done."
"Not being able to know what goes on in the minds of the Japanese C-level executives which creates a sense of unease globally as teams are left wondering what the future may hold."
"The bank is struggling to define its corporate identity - the Lehman acquisition has left it in between BigBank and niche. This does make me a little apprehensive about the bank's future."
"Strong focus on Asia, less on Europe."
"Work load is huge."
"Sometimes it is difficult to sit and speak with some staff as they may be unavailable due to work commitments, however I imagine this is consistent with all banks."
"Job insecurity given the market environment."
"The worst things are long hours and feeling pressurised to do well."
"Challenging macro-economic situation."
"The worst thing is a lack of free time."
"Uncertainty & instability on the job retention front. In all fairness, it's the same situation across the board throughout the street."
"Long hours, sometimes a lot of pressure."
"July and August usually are low volume months. Thus the picture of the work provided during the internship might be biased."
"It can be quite stressful."
"Very steep learning curve, hard to keep up sometimes."
"The worst thing about Nomura is the nature of its business, it is an Investment bank and thus it has been under much scrutiny in recent months. However it is not unique to the company and it is the image of the industry not Nomura itself."
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