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5.2 / 10

(based on 5 ratings in 2019)


"I attend Q&A sessions, send emails, go to meetings and perform requirement gatherings etc."
Technology, Graduate, London
"I enjoy handling sensitive information, having daily interaction with the business (mainly investment banking) and supporting people by assessing conflicts when new deals arise. I like understanding what type of business Nomura does (eg types of products, deals and clients) as well as monitoring and surveillance work surrounding information barriers and compliance controls."
Graduate, london
"Work is good, but sometimes the hours are long and it feels like some things move quite slowly."
Graduate, London
"At the moment I am given rather menial tasks that don't challenge me, but they are good to learn about the processes and help me get involved in transactions."
Graduate, London


"Track the market live and through research, understand and analyze economic data releases for trade idea generation, learn desk-specific products through research, Q&A, and model building, pricing instruments and understanding market dynamics through the live price action."
"My responsibilities include taking and issuing minutes on 2 meetings (Credit and ABS) each morning. I also help with administrational tasks related to client relationship management. As a summer analyst I also spend a lot of the day shadowing various different functions on various desks."
"My responsibilities are increasing with time which is quite rewarding as you can really feel you are improving. My typical day is to arrive a 7.45am, send the news and market updates to different persons and start working on the current projects that are going on. When I have some free time, I generally work on my personal summer intern project. My day finishes whenever the work for the day is done, generally between 9 and 11."
"My responsibilities range from simple admin tasks like scanning and printing, all the way up to production of important presentations and running liquidity checks which are a legal requirement for the firm. Some days are busier than others, but I'm never left bored with nothing to do!"
"Understanding and commentating on the market moves several times per day. Helping prepare commentaries for clients. Speaking to traders and getting lists of trades they wish to do to relay to sales people and clients. Presentations. Cleaning up of some data."
"As a server side java programmer, I write code, I am part of the team so I work on issues and tasks just like any other team member. A typical day is to code, code some more and finally code some more!"
"I normally arrive at 7.00, when I start reading the news and updates from the previous day. At 7.35, I join the morning calls and make notes. By 10.30 (when I normally finish), I start working on the assignments that I was given. Nevertheless, I try to follow the salespeople and the market as much as possible by dialling into calls, attending meetings when possible and then asking any questions I have. The sales force will start leaving at around 6:00 - 6:30."
"My main responsibility is to produce the daily profit and loss accounts for the previous day to give to the traders. This means that on a typical day I complete the same set of tasks, with various other requirements throughout the month. I have to ensure that front and back office are in line. All the tasks I do are necessary so I must complete them before leaving the office."
"On a daily basis, my responsibilities involve supervising the global DCM SSA deal flow and keep track of the deal list updates. Most of time, I am involved with building and exhaustive database of DCM clients and investors. Also, liaising with the analysts of the team and assisting them in building presentations for pitches."
"Lots of responsibility very early as some teams are understaffed but still have lots of work."
"In both rotations I was assigned small projects which results will eventually be used in the production. The projects were not complicated though required a substantial knowledge of IT tools."
"My day starts at approx. 7.30 in the morning. I listen to the credit morning meeting which I summarize in a few sentences. I then add market data from the night and the previous day and go through market related websites to find interesting articles which I also include. The rest of the day is very project related. The two line managers on my desk provide me with duties for which I need to dig into one specific topic, e.g. related to specific products or to specific regulation. On a recurrent basis, both managers ask me about my view on the market or on products."
"Formatting slides, updating data, intensive use of PowerPoint and Excel."
"I am responsible for all corporate tickets that are bought for Nomura employees and their clients. I manage all purchasing and requests for gifts and merchandise which is bought in for client events and general Nomura stock. Small events in Corp comms are given to me to organise and host inc. Booking of hotels and AV hire going down to venue to arrange all aspects and oversee event as it happens"
"Task include all typical analyst tasks. As the internship progress and depending on the individual, interns will work equivalent to full time analyst towards the end of the program. Typical tasks include research, company valuation, (mostly trading and transaction comparables), operational benchmarking, company profiles and all other elements of marketing materials, (pitch books). Additionally tasks may include work on live projects which mostly will focus on deeper insights on valuation and benchmarking and the underlying analysis. Towards the end of the program interns may work as the only analyst on a project or pitch together with associates and seniors from the same or other teams."
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