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6.2 / 10

(based on 5 ratings in 2019)


"From technical to soft-skill based workshops, everything has ranged in value and quality."
Technology, Graduate, London
"A wide range of training courses are available and you can get professional qualifications for some departments. The team is happy to train junior employees daily."
Graduate, london
"The initial training was fun, engaging and surprisingly useful. However, the training sort of fizzled out a bit after the initial two or three month period."
Graduate, London
"There are good training opportunities with lots of chances for extra training around the year."
Graduate, London


"We did a few trainings sessions about Excel, Bloomberg and Reuters. Also had a nice talk from Heather White, founder of Smarter Networking."
"The main training was “on the job”. However, we had a formal training before joining our desks, covering the basics of banking and financial products. We were given regular presentations about other business lines and had unlimited access to the online-training platform throughout the internship."
"Access to online tutorials, and seminars on Bloomberg, Excel, and Reuters helps provide the basics, the rest is up to the intern to go deeper as it relates to his rotational desk. You are likely to come away as an Intermediate user if you've never had proper exposure in the past."
"We had a three day introductory course to improve our knowledge of financial products. I also receive lots of on-the-job training and knowledge building sessions."
"Three day overview of company and financial markets. 1-on-1 training with my buddy and manager to learn my responsibilities."
"Great! Internal online training at all levels is very good and puts everyone on the same level. On the desk training is steep but the best sort of development an intern can ask for."
"Thrown in at the deep end with work which is good because you are forced to learn quickly. You learn how to be adaptable."
"The formal training at the start of the internship is some of the best I've ever experienced, far better than any of my university lectures! Very relaxed learning environment, but lots of information to take in over a few days. The real learning takes place on the job in your first few weeks, and you continue learning throughout."
"Well structured and providing useful insights, which increase mainly technical skills."
"When I first joined all the interns had 3 days formal training around the basic principles that we might want to draw on throughout the placement. I found this helpful and also relevant to my degree course. I have picked up many skills; most profoundly my computer skills have improved rapidly as before I really avoided using them."
"Talks given by MD of each department- Fixed Income, Equities, Corporate Infrastructure, etc. These give a broad outline of how the department functions. There are also panels and lunches with recently joined employees who provide a more in depth and refreshing view of their work. It is also possible to follow up with members of the panel and shadow them. These events help build up your communication skills and technical knowledge. Participating in these events has also made me feel more confident."
"Two days intensive formal training, with a very high volume of information. Necessary, but not that helpful. On the job training has been excellent though."
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