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7.5 / 10

(based on 13 ratings in 2019)


"The nucleargraduates team is very forward thinking and really helps you to develop the best that you can. You have a general manager and the rest of their team helping you with everything that you need. The scheme provides a lot of teamwork opportunities, including setting up your own SME. The scheme also provides plenty of social opportunities during core training."
Graduate, Oldbury-on-Severn
"The unique nature of this grad scheme means that graduates are situated all over the country (sometimes internationally) in different companies. This means we don't work together often. When we do come together for core training, the culture in and out of the office is sociable and friendly. We are required to work in teams for the whole graduate scheme to make an SME, which drives cooperation and teamwork. There aren't many opportunities for teamwork or socialising within the organisation I am currently seconded to. The structure is clearly defined and, in my opinion, effective."
Graduate, Liverpool
"There's a social environment and we're encouraged to take part in sports at lunch. There's no feeling of hierarchy but excellent encouragement to socialise out of hours."
Graduate, Sydney
"There is a really good community between the graduates who support each other whenever needed. There is also a nice social aspect to the scheme when we all meet up for training zones."
Graduate, Warrington
"Out of hours travelling is expected of you when you're training on the grad scheme but outside of your secondment. At nucleargraduates, most of the team are friendly and approachable, which is key when you have to be in contact for grad-scheme-related issues. Currently, my working hours are quite flexible with a set of core hours that I am expected to be in for. There is not a lot of socialising outside of the graduates based here."
Graduate, At the moment, near Bristol


"The culture within the cohorts is great and you will make many new friends. Your cohort will regularly meet during the two years for training and other work-related activities. The culture will vary from company to company depending on your secondments but I found most of them to be excellent."
Graduate, .
"We're a small group, with only 37 graduates on the scheme. We all get on very well and work well together when we meet. We report to the programme team (based in Cumbria), who are easy to talk to and very willing to offer help and support if needed. There is a good atmosphere in the office itself."
Graduate, Derby/London
"It's good overall. I think my team is a bit quiet but that seems to be unique to me. The nucleargraduates team is always happy to help."
Graduate, London
"The structure is divided between the programme team and the graduates on the scheme. Colleagues offer good support and the teams we're divided into at the start of the scheme allow participants to form close friendships."
Graduate, bristol
"The programme team is approachable and works to help resolve any issues that you may be having, whether in your professional or personal life. The graduates are a like-minded group of people who work hard but also socialise. Teamwork is encouraged through the non-work aspects of the scheme."
Graduate, Whitehaven


"The structure and hierarchy is relatively flat with one or two managers. The office is relatively welcoming but, due to its small size, it can be intimidating if you need a private conversation and everyone is sat in there. This is an open-plan office, even the manager doesn't have her own office space. Teamwork is good and it is encouraged throughout the programme."
Graduate, I have worked in many places during my graduate scheme including Cumbria, Lancaster and Australia.
"The recruitment process seems to find like-minded individuals, making it easy to get along with one another. The programme team controls things centrally alongside planning for future cohorts/training zones. I think they do very well considering the large number of graduates they have to look after. Feedback is taken on board but can sometimes (understandably given the nature of the scheme) be slow to materialise."
Graduate, Somerset
"The graduates all get on well together and teamwork is really encouraged through the amount of extra projects that we are given as part of the scheme. The team-building events also help."
Graduate, Whitehaven, Cumbria
"There are many opportunities throughout the two years spent on the scheme to get to know the other graduates, both in your own cohort and from previous ones. Since joining, I can't seem to escape nucleargraduates as they are always presenting at conferences or winning awards in the industry. The reputation that nucleargraduates has pushes you to do your best both inside and outside of work."
Graduate, Birchwood, Warrington
"There's a clearly set out hierarchy as well as inclusion and cooperation within supportive teams. We get varied work day to day as well as the opportunity to network."
Graduate, Liverpool
"The managing team who run the graduate programme are all approachable for both work and non-work issues. They mandate a lot of training in teams and this helps to develop skills that you can then take back to your workplace. Graduates work in teams of around eight throughout the whole programme and have plenty of opportunity to meet up and socialise."
Graduate, Nationwide - Currently Derby based
"The company provides an interesting culture as we are not based in a central office. We are all on different secondments and only visit the company building during training weeks. These weeks provide a great opportunity to get to know other graduates and share experiences."
Graduate, London currently. As part of the scheme you move around the country on different secondments, so your location changes (you have a say in your secondments and therefore your location).


"The other graduates are a great bunch and I consider each one of them to be a friend. The relationships forged are positive and productive."
Graduate, Somerset
"Socialising among graduates is really good. Other grads are considered friends, not colleagues. However, there can be conflicts between the graduates and management."
Graduate, Whitehaven
"Within Nucleargraduates itself there is a great culture. Everyone gets on very well and we have a great time when we're together both during training and after hours. We often organise activities during the evenings of training zones, such as football, netball, laser quest and many meals out."
Graduate, Liverpool
"The culture is very good. Graduates undertake many residential training courses together so you get to know each other very well, which makes teamwork very enjoyable. The culture in secondment organisations will vary widely."
Graduate, Burton-upon-Trent
"The culture between graduates is great, they are an excellent support network throughout the scheme and will no doubt continue to be a great resource after the scheme too. They know how crazy it all is. One downside is that the programme team can sometimes seem condescending and don't always understand the graduates as the experiences on the scheme are so broad and far out of the frame of reference of some of the organisers."
Graduate, Various
"There is a communal feeling among the graduates. Sometimes managers can leave you feeling like students rather than graduates but this is massively improving with their experience working with ourselves and the other cohorts."
Graduate, Manchester
"The day-to-day culture depends on what secondments you take in a company. The Nucleargraduates culture is very open and supportive. You are granted a lot of trust and autonomy and frequently have to direct your own work but there is a good support network as well."
Graduate, Manchester
"I have been readily accepted and welcomed into teams at all the secondments I've been on. I get given valuable work to do that not only benefits the team but also gives me the opportunity to learn plenty."
Graduate, Gloucester


"Within the cohort there is a strong bond and we do often socialise out of office hours. These are usually combined with a CPD activity, or with the training the cohort are going through. The team are approachable, and by also attending the events put on throughout the year, it creates a stronger feeling that we are all working together."
Graduate, Glasgow
"It is a small but very approachable and helpful programme team, and we have good opportunities to network and socialise with other nuclear graduates during training and other events."
"Socialising amongst colleagues is a fantastic experience, both during and after work. There are many people willing to organise great events and we all like having a good time. The hierarchy is not oppressive, and you can easily talk to anyone within the organisation."
Graduate, London
"I had excellent inductions and training, and I have experienced a good culture of openness and support during my scheme."
Graduate, Whitehaven
"At nucleargraduates the programme team consist of four full-time employees and one L3 apprentice, and there is one overarching Programme Manager. Within the cohort there are a lot of opportunities to cooperate and get involved with team work, particularly during the training zones where the whole cohort comes together. The social side of nucleargraduates is fantastic, with regular events to get everyone involved."
Graduate, Glasgow
"Nucleargraduates provides a great way to meet lots of people from similar backgrounds and/or with similar interests to you. All of the training and additional learning and development opportunities are undertaken with the cohort and so you become good friends as well as colleagues. The culture within each secondment is different as they are typically with different companies but this helps develop your ability to work as part of different teams."
Graduate, Oxfordshire
"I have found the culture friendly, relaxed and supportive on my scheme."
Graduate, Derby
"With the other graduates there is a very good culture both during, and out of, work hours. There are occasional communication issues with the programme team which has resulted in a sometimes strained relationship between them and the graduates."
"My colleagues are all friendly, and the programme management team are always helpful and considerate."
Graduate, Bristol


"It's an extremely helpful and friendly place to work. In terms of structure it's split into Delivery, Strategy, Sanction, Communications and another team dealing with Competition."
Graduate, Warrington
"People are very friendly and open when you approach them. Everyone likes to help a graduate out if he or she has any questions. From day one you are given responsibilities and work to do. The people are multicultural but tie in together very well and cooperation and teamwork is essential."
Graduate, Seascale
"Culture is good, get the mix of working in a office type environment and with a group of people your own age."
Graduate, All over
"There are three full-time staff members at nucleargraduates managing all the graduates in two cohorts, easy to talk to any of them. There is a lot of socialising with the other graduates."
Graduate, Derby
"There is a strong focus on teamwork and interaction. This is harder with larger intakes but we still manage. Meet ups and dial-ins are common to allow for inter-cohort interaction."
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