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Nuclear Graduates is a unique two year graduate development programme where extraordinary individuals get their career in the UK nuclear industry off to a flying start.

Who we are

Established in 2007 by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), the Nuclear Graduates programme was created to develop the next generation of young professionals for the nuclear sector.

There has never been a more exciting time to join the UK’s nuclear sector. With new technologies, systems and processes, requiring new ideas to drive the challenges at the heart of the sector including decommissioning, new build and the contribution to the energy security strategy.

Nuclear Graduates is sponsored by prominent employers across the nuclear sector. Our partner employers will support you throughout the two-year programme, initially in your first secondment then as you progress through your two years, playing an active role in your development as we advance the workforce of the future.

Unlike any other graduate programme, Nuclear Graduates offers you a unique opportunity to undertake a personalised development programme in partnership with a dedicated learning and development team at Energus, your sponsor and technical mentor.

Nuclear Graduates
Nuclear Graduates
Nuclear Graduates

The Programme


Footprints is our corporate social responsibility programme that sits at the heart of the Nuclear Graduates scheme. During this time you will become a Science Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) ambassador, passing your knowledge and enthusiasm to the next generation.

You will also have the opportunity, as part of a cohort of Nuclear Graduates, to undertake a footprint that will drive your understanding of the sector at a community level. This could be within the UK or an international opportunity that you will develop. Footprints is your chance to affect real change in the real world, allowing you to engage with and understand the communities we work in and with. This is a platform for you to demonstrate the skills you have acquired, and gain experiences that are unique to the Nuclear Graduates programme.

Knowledge & Skills Development

Nuclear Graduates provides a full and varied training package covering both technical and behavioural elements.

As part of the induction programme you will be introduced to the nuclear industry and the fuel cycle process. This will enable you to understand the fundamental concepts of atomic and nuclear science.

The Knowledge & Skills Development Programme includes:

  • Influencing and negotiating
  • Commercial Acumen
  • Business strategy
  • Managing projects within an organisation
  • Leadership of self, change and innovation.

Each session consists of a themed masterclass and seminar, with facilitated development of knowledge and application. You will also have access to industry experts and learn from their experiences. Themed action learning groups will take place following each session to embed applications and learning.


The three secondments across your two-year programme will give you an unrivalled experience of the nuclear sector.

Your first secondment will be with your sponsoring organisation, developing an understanding of your discipline, your role within the organisation, the opportunities and challenges facing your sponsor and how these will inform the next step in your career at the end of your two-year programme.

The UK’s nuclear sector has an exciting future ahead, and the opportunities for your second and third secondment reflect this, enabling you to work with Energus and your mentor to secure suitable secondments to broaden your experience.

We have established a range of partners offering opportunities for secondment and this is expanding all the time. These partners include organisations from across the supply chain, regulatory bodies, government bodies and multinational employers.

This will enable you to develop a range of skills and perspectives relevant to the nuclear sector of the future, and prepare you for your new career.

As a Nuclear Graduate your development truly is unique to you. You’ll benefit from the diversity and expertise of the people you’ll meet and gain hands-on experience and training across the industry.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Working closely with Energus, your sponsor, your line manager and your mentor you will have access to a budget to support your professional development

Examples of professional development work undertaken by graduates recently include:

  • Introduction to Practical Skills in Industry
  • Practical Process Engineering
  • Pince 2 Project Management
  • Applied Corporate Finance
  • British safety Council Risk Assessment
  • Certified Security Management
  • Chemical Engineering for Scientists
  • Effective Technical Writing
  • Professional Certificate in Data Analysis


As a Nuclear Graduate, you will be given the support and guidance you need to work towards chartered status in your chosen discipline.

The route will include your two-year Nuclear Graduate programme before continuing your progress to chartered status.

Those graduates following a commercial or non-technical route will also be supported in pursuing professional development with an appropriate institution, such as the Association for Project Management (APM) or the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development (CIPD).

Nuclear Graduates
Nuclear Graduates
Nuclear Graduates

Application Process

Hints & Tips

Our recruitment process has been designed to allow you to demonstrate the skills and expertise you can bring to Nuclear Graduates and the nuclear industry. As this is a highly competitive process here are 5 ways you can ensure your application stands out from the crowd.

Research the Industry – We want you to understand our industry and our sponsor’s activities. When giving examples of your skills and capabilities make them work or study based wherever possible. Solving a dispute about milk in your student house will not carry as much weight as solving a dispute with a customer at work.

Attention to detail – The excellent safety record of our industry can be accredited to attention to detail. Read over your application to check everything is correct before you hit ‘send’. The use of correct grammar is crucial.

Get to the point! – Our recruitment team will read thousands of applications therefore it’s important that the information provide is relevant and succinct.

Full module / work information – Our industry sponsors are looking for specific technical skills and experience. Give yourself the best chance of progressing through the recruitment process by detailing these clearly on your application.

Why you? – We want to know what makes you different and what you are passionate about. Saying you go to gym and like to socialise might be true, but it won’t be enough to make us sit up and notice. Nuclear Graduates isn’t a typical graduate training programme, use your application to show that you are more than capable of meeting the demands of this remarkably different programme.

Our Competencies

No two nucleargraduates complete the same programme – different secondments, individual training – in the same way that all our nucleargraduates are all different, each bringing their own talents and expertise to their cohort.

There are however, some competencies, which nucleargraduates have identified as essential for all our graduates to develop to ensure they excel in their chosen area.


The ability to explain facts and concepts clearly and simply to any audience. The ability to understand the perceptions, needs and attitudes of others and to interact with them constructively.


The ability to organise effectively your own tasks, those of others, as well as the resources and the time available to achieve set objectives.

Responding to Change

The ability to adapt your plan and approach to respond to change and challenge whilst maintaining a positive attitude. Persevering in your approach whilst remaining open to new or better ways of doing things. Open to flexing your approach in response to others suggestions or change.

Problem Solving

Having a strong inclination, both intuitive and logical, to look for the best and most effective answer to difficult situations and complex issues, with a willingness to try different approaches.

Working with Others

Being prepared to pool your energies with others to reach shared objectives, whilst taking part in the work of the team, exchanging views with others and making the most of others’ contributions. Being able to take the position and experience of others into consideration during interactions.

Think you’ve got what it takes?

Nuclear Graduates are individuals who can influence people through their attitude and actions to help effect change and drive efficiencies across the nuclear industry without compromising its excellent safety record.

Mobility, adaptability and tenacity are critical for our graduates. We look for people who are actively seeking adventure and the challenge of moving into roles from the foot of Devon to the tip of Scotland via villages and cities in between.

Most importantly we are looking for people who can achieve real results while showing humility as an individual and in a team environment.

Nuclear Graduates
Nuclear Graduates
Nuclear Graduates

Pay & Benefits

Remarkably different to other graduate programmes, Nuclear Graduates offers you a unique opportunity to design your own development programme. A bespoke two-year plan, devised with the help of your own personal, professional mentor will allow you to develop both your technical and behavioural capabilities.

The Nuclear Graduates programme and its sponsors have developed an attractive package of support that reflects your, and your sponsors, ambitions for your development as a nuclear professional.

In addition to the world-class training and development on offer, Nuclear Graduates can also look forward to:

  • Salary £30,000 per year
  • £5,500 individual travel budget
  • £3,500 flexible individual training budget
  • £9,900 core training & development
  • Access to three secondments to give you experience across the breadth of the UK nuclear sector
  • A dedicated team of experts to support your development and progress throughout your time on the programme
  • A sponsor company lead to provide you with day-to-day support during your programme and with your secondments
  • A dedicated mentor, assigned to you upon starting the programme who will stay with you throughout your Nuclear Graduates journey
  • A comprehensive, tailored programme of professional development
  • The support of a dedicated Nuclear Graduates programme team throughout the two years of your graduate programme. As Mental Health First Aiders the team are fully equipped to assist you through your Nuclear Graduates journey
  • 25 days annual leave, plus bank holidays
  • 6 discretionary days leave for study and relocation
  • Energus contributory pension scheme
  • Energus Employee Assistance Programme and DigiCare+
  • EnergUS Extras, providing in-house news, wellbeing resources and employee discounts
  • Membership of up to 2 professional institutions
  • Access to an independent Employee Assistance Programme service offering a 24/7 support line
  • Opportunity to participate in our Cycle2Work Scheme
Total Two-Year Package: £78,900
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Nuclear Graduates

Nuclear Graduates