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Green Initiatives

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(based on 11 ratings in 2019)


"I do not know of any green initiatives."
Graduate, Oldbury-on-Severn
"Most training and events are in West Cumbria (a result of the industry's heritage), which is notoriously difficult to access by public transport. Grads are encouraged to take the train but this is because it is typically cheaper than expensing a journey by car. You could argue that working in nuclear is enough but most of the sponsoring companies' work is related to either decommissioning or defence and not electricity generation."
Graduate, Bristol
"I haven't seen anything regarding this but, as a graduate on this programme, I don't spend much time with the company. You will rack up some air miles going to all the international conferences and international secondments!"
Graduate, Derbyshire, Vienna and now London.


"The scheme highlights the importance of the triple bottom line: people, planet and profit."
Graduate, Whitehaven
"I don't know too much about Energus' commitment to green initiatives."
Graduate, .
"None of the companies I have been involved with so far are doing much with regards to saving trees. However, there is a lot of green work going on around the building including energy saving and motion sensitive light bulbs as well as a docking station for laptops rather than a whole PC. It feels like there is a lot more that could be done though."
Graduate, Derby/London
"There is not much push around green commitments. There is no cycle to work scheme, which would be very helpful, and the only motivation to travel by train over car is to reduce the cost to your personal budget."
Graduate, bristol


"I am not aware of a particular drive on green initiatives."
Graduate, London currently. As part of the scheme you move around the country on different secondments, so your location changes (you have a say in your secondments and therefore your location).
"I'm not too aware of the current policy."
Graduate, Liverpool


"This depends on the organisation you are working for at the time."
Graduate, Liverpool
"We are pushed to create businesses that are environmentally conscious. We all work in the field of low-carbon energy, so it's pretty important."
Graduate, Lancaster
"The organisation is small on physical assets, so I imagine this is not a particular concern. Graduates are encouraged to car share or use public transport when travelling."
Entry level, Whitehaven
"Depends on secondment but generally, as its the energy industry, they are good at this."
Graduate, Reading


"This is a huge focus and is addressed through minimising travel, car sharing where possible, taking public transport as much as possible, and not printing emails that do not need to be printed, etc. Everything we do with activities or resources has to be done in an environmentally sustainable way."
Graduate, Glasgow
"It is a nuclear company, as such it will indirectly lead to huge reductions in the future. Currently not much more than that can be expected in my opinion."
Graduate, London
"Nucleargraduates is a graduate scheme based in the nuclear industry, an industry founded on producing low carbon and clean energy. All the companies who provide sponsorship to the scheme actively participate in green initiatives as much as possible."
Graduate, Warrington


"I am unsure. They rather we take public transport than drive."
Graduate, Derby
"SME challenge has the triple bottom line as its goal, (people, planet and profit)."
"As the nuclear industry's aim is to reduce CO2 emissions I'd say it is one of the reasons it is chosen to tackle climate change by the UK government."
Graduate, Seascale
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