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Interview Process


"The interview process includes an application form, psychometric testing, video interview, and a two day assessment centre. The assessment centre included behavioural and technical interviews, role plays, group exercises, presentation."
Graduate, Liverpool
"The assessment centre pushes you to your limits via exercises like role play."
Graduate, Liverpool
"There are quite a few stages involved in the recruitment; online application, online tests, video interview, two day assessment centre. All the activities are designed to challenge the candidates in different ways, from individual performance, team challenges, presentations, problem solving, working under pressure, thinking outside the box, and even checking social capabilities through interactions."
Graduate, Glasgow
"The process involved an online application with several questions requiring longer written responses, a video interview lasting around 25 minutes, and finally a two-day assessment centre."
"The assessment process was not the easiest thing I've done. The two day assessment centre was quite full-on, with a variety of personal and team exercises. The selection process pushed me to my limits, but allowed my company to see who I am, what I am capable of and how much I can give back to the scheme."
Graduate, Warrington
"There are various steps to the application process. The first stage is the online application, then numeric and English tests. If these are successful you will have a video interview online, followed by the final stage which is a two day assessment centre."


"Online application followed by video interview and numerical tests. Final positions decided at a two-day assessment centre."
Graduate, Derby
"It is fairly difficult to join the graduate scheme as the competition is strong. First you go through a video interview process after applying through the nucleargraduates website. Then you attend a two-day assessment centre that is formed by professional people from various companies such as Sellafield, Rolls Royce and the nucleargraduates. I had to present something technical related to my degree. Technical interview, behavioural interview, different scenarios and games."
Graduate, Seascale
"Application form, online verbal and numerical reasoning, video interview, and a three-day assessment centre. Questions ranging from behavioural competencies to technical nous and knowledge of the nuclear industry and nuclear power. Group assessments. Technical presentation."
Graduate, Derby
"The nucleargraduates assessment centre was one of the most difficult assessment centres I attended. This is because more than technical knowledge and academic skills they are more looking for the correct person. Tested is team interaction, adaptation to different situations and how well you can handle different types of pressure, (some stranger than others)."
Graduate, Derby
"Online application form, a video interview (with some 'thinking outside of the box' type questions then an assessment centre. The assessment centre was actually really enjoyable, mixture of interviews and team exercises and role plays."
Graduate, Derby
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