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7.7 / 10

(based on 13 ratings in 2019)


"The nucleargraduates office is in the very modern Energus building in Workington. It has everything you need facilities wise, from a great canteen to a nice outdoor space. The dress code is formal."
Graduate, Oldbury-on-Severn
"The location isn't ideal to get to from all ends of the UK. However, this is only necessary three times a year on average. The dress code is dependent on the organisation you are seconded to."
Graduate, Liverpool
"This depends on where you are on secondment. Offices tend to be nice but can often be away from main cities."
Graduate, Warrington
"The grad programme team offices (that host a lot of training) are very modern. The quality of offices on placement will vary significantly, ranging from decades-old portacabins to state-of-the-art inner city offices."
Graduate, Bristol
"The dress code is mostly business casual when you're on training. If you're working in decommissioning then don't expect anything glamorous as there are restrictions on building on a site that's supposed to be torn down. Otherwise it's heavily dependent on where you're on placement."
Graduate, At the moment, near Bristol
"Since everyone on the scheme is with a different company, the dress code is whatever your secondment company is and some offices are better than others."
Graduate, Derbyshire, Vienna and now London.


"The Energus office is located in Cumbria and can be hard to reach for those around the country. Graduates will be able to choose where they go on secondment so will have a bit of control over the location. Most office spaces and facilities have been good in my experience."
Graduate, .
"The quality of the offices varies from secondment to secondment. The Energus building is lovely though."
Graduate, London
"Our dress code is always smart and the office depends on the secondment. So far, most of the facilities I've seen have been cutting edge."
Graduate, bristol
"Energus is a modern and well equipped office. The core training is typically held at the office and our facilities are good."
Graduate, Whitehaven


"Most of the sponsor companies' dress codes are fairly relaxed. The area that nucleargraduates is based in is to a very high standard, with good food and a nice space on offer. However, it is a little off the beaten track if you're a Southerner!"
Graduate, Somerset
"Dress code varies depending on your secondment but most are business dress."
Graduate, Birchwood, Warrington
"The remote office location is not ideal for the majority of graduates, but that comes with the nuclear industry."
Graduate, London currently. As part of the scheme you move around the country on different secondments, so your location changes (you have a say in your secondments and therefore your location).


"The Energus facilities are very good but they are very remote from certain secondment locations, meaning travel can be difficult. However, it is never too much hassle when you arrive so it balances nicely. Sponsor facilities vary between locations and companies."
Graduate, Somerset
"The Energus building is okay, but its location in West Cumbria is difficult for some people to get to. It can be frustrating that training isn't held in other locations more often."
Graduate, Whitehaven
"Energus' offices are based in West Cumbria and are well designed for training facilities. They are difficult to get to without a car however. The dress code while on site is smart casual. At Energus the dress code is casual but there are rules regarding no tracksuits, shorts, clothing with holes etc."
Graduate, Drigg
"Energus is great and has amazing catering!"
Graduate, Harwell
"The scheme comprises of a series of secondments so there is no set office."
Entry level, Whitehaven
"Through my three placements the office space has changed. On site the dress code was formal and personal protective equipment was provided for site work."
Graduate, Gloucester


"Offices are fairly open and modern, and have on-site facilities such as a restaurant, cafe and gym. We have a business dress code."
Graduate, Liverpool
"Offices depend on where you are seconded too - I have been at very nice new offices and some very old under equipped ones."
Midlevel, Plymouth
"The nucleargraduates headquarters are based in Cumbria. The office suite is based in a large training centre which trains apprentices for site work. It has plenty space for meetings, conferences, and corporate events. Because all the graduates are spread across the country on secondments, Cumbria is generally quite central and accessible for all."
Graduate, Glasgow
"The office from which the scheme is run is modern and very well equipped. The dress code ranges from shirt and suit trousers to smart casual on occasion. Due to the large variety of companies we work with, other offices can range from average to state of the art."
Graduate, London
"We have good facilities which are all very new and spacious."
Graduate, Warrington


"The nucleargraduates offices are good, but the offices the graduates see change from placement to placement."
"Rolls-Royce Civil Nuclear have just moved to a new office facility. The dress code fits with a customer facing environment."
Graduate, Derby
"Large open-plan office with good local amenities. Communal canteen, kitchen and two Costa coffees. The dress code for NDA is shirt, shoes and pants."
Graduate, Warrington
"The dress code is semi-formal i.e. a shirt, formal shoes and suit pants. I have my own large desk with a telephone and a computer. Restaurants that makes fresh food every day and has low prices. Every office has its little kitchen with all the facilities needed to make you own coffee, tea and food."
Graduate, Seascale
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