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"There are free conferences and engaging training weeks. For example, we're soon to spend a week in London titled 'power and influence'. As part of this, we visit the Houses of Parliament, MoD and BEIS and have a Q&A panel with some MPs and leaders of the nuclear industry."
Graduate, live in Ashford, work in Dungeness
"Relocation fees are paid for and we also get a £1,000 welcome bonus. There's also the £3,500 continuing personal development budget you get to spend on what you want."
Graduate, Oldbury-on-Severn
"Each graduate is given six discretionary days a year to help with relocation or study. We are also given a £3,500 training budget and a £5,500 travel and subsistence budget. The international trip is also a perk."
Graduate, Liverpool
"The expenses for overseas conferences are certainly a highlight."
Graduate, Variable
"We sometimes get complimentary invites to conferences in the UK. The training budget is a very obvious one and the opportunity to work all around the world (there have been grads in Australia, Canada, Vienna and soon Japan) is fantastic."
Graduate, At the moment, near Bristol
"The training weeks can be great. For example, we had a week in London where we went to the Houses of Parliament, had a debate with some MPs, had two days of leadership and negotiating training and more. There was a week in Ukraine where we went to the British embassy, the Ukrainian nuclear regulator, did a two-day tour around Chernobyl and the exclusion zone and various other activities. There was also a week in the lake district doing outdoor activities like scrambling, climbing and canoeing etc with a focus on leadership styles and development."
Graduate, Derbyshire, Vienna and now London.


"There are some moving expenses and a fairly standard pension. The training budget is the big perk. You may receive other perks from your host companies while you are on secondment."
Graduate, .
"We are all signed up to the Royal London pension plan. We put in 3% of our salary and nucleargraduates chips in a further 5%. We have a very good holiday allowance of 25 days per year plus eight bank holidays. If your host shuts for any reason, these days do not come out of your holiday allowance."
Graduate, Derby/London
"The continued personal development budget is unique to each graduate and is helpful to have."
Graduate, London
"The transport and subsistence budget is great, though it does have to cover quite a lot."
Graduate, bristol


"The training opportunities and standard holiday allowance are great."
Graduate, Whitehaven, Cumbria
"All the opportunities provided to attend conferences across the industry (including international conferences). We also get a travel and subsistence (T&S) budget for the two years that can also be used when relocating or living abroad. If you were to be placed in London, you can claim some of the T&S budget to help with the added expense of living there."
Graduate, Birchwood, Warrington
"We get a good training and travel budget as well as the opportunity to take days off for moving between locations and finding new accommodation. We also get designated study leave days."
Graduate, Liverpool
"There are multiple weeks out of the office for mandatory training, as well as a good holiday allowance and attendance to many industry-wide conferences with other young professionals in attendance."
Graduate, Nationwide - Currently Derby based


"Training budget and travel and subsistence budget. This allows us to go to a huge variety of things outside our everyday job. In addition, this covers the cost of membership to your professional institution. We are all members of the Nuclear Institute and as such get to attend several events. We are required to do STEM hours, which is hard work at the time but an invaluable experience. Being able to work within hundreds of different organisations, both in the UK and abroad."
Graduate, Liverpool
"Lots of conferences, plus your own budget to explore the industry with!"
Graduate, Bristol
"Travel and training budgets, extra leave days for study, ability to go on wide range of courses, training, site visits etc."
Graduate, varied
"We have a training budget that pays for attendance to conferences and training courses, as well as a travel and subsistence budget to cover other expenses when attending courses/events. We also have an annual dinner close to Christmas that is very good fun."
Graduate, Drigg
"Nucleargrads will pay for you to go to conferences abroad and in the UK. If you choose to do a secondment abroad you can claim some living expenses and travel to and from the secondment."
Graduate, Harwell
"The subject-matter expert project. It's a lot of effort but the experience will be great. It's very unique to this scheme, I've not heard of anything like it on other graduate schemes. Also, as the scheme is relatively small, there is quite a personal feel. The programme team are very receptive and will make changes based on your feedback."
Graduate, Heysham
"Energus contributes 5% to your pension, which is great. You also have a generous travel and expenses budget throughout the scheme and a good continuing personal development budget that you can use to attend conferences or complete courses. There is also lots of training throughout the scheme."
Graduate, Various
"A week-long paid trip abroad to see what the nuclear industry is like in other countries. We went to Finland and it was amazing."
Graduate, Manchester
"We have a £3,500 continuing personal development budget, which we can use to make our own decisions on our development. If we can make a business case as to why we want to do something in particular, we will be allowed to spend this money on it (eg university modules, language classes, software training etc)."
Graduate, Reading


"Social events are paid for which is great!"
Graduate, North West
"Training budget, travel budget, weekends away, pension!"
Graduate, Liverpool
"They are very good at paying travel expenses and you get a £1000 Golden Hello."
Graduate, Liverpool
"Annual conferences, a £4000 training budget and a Golden Hello are great perks."
Graduate, Derby
"International Footprints - this is an aspect of the scheme that is unique. We have the chance to develop in ways that not many other companies would give. It is a scheme that delves in to social, cultural, technical, personal and environmental ways of thinking that are often done in great locations around the UK and the world."
Graduate, Workington
"Expenses, pension, money for courses, money for travels and conferences are good perks."
Graduate, Oxford
"We are given a training budget to use for professional development purposes."
Graduate, Derby
"Training opportunities and personal budget for attending conferences. Plus, time allowed for volunteering as part of personal development is great."
Graduate, Whitehaven
"Discretionary leave days are provided for moving, T and S budgets are provided and you are encouraged to attend conferences and visit other sites of interest."
Graduate, Oxfordshire


"Training budgets are individual and can be allocated to training courses or things which would benefit you."
"We are provided with £1,000 yearly training budget and a £1,800 travel budget."
Graduate, Derby
"We get to go to free events, parties and week long training zones in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Cumbria with free accommodation and suppers."
Graduate, Seascale
"There is a lot spent on training, plus you get £1000 to spend on what ever training you want to. The fact that you get to move around is also a good perk as it keeps you excited."
Graduate, Derby
"Lots of free meals when on training, lots of holidays with extra study leave."
Graduate, Derby
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