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"The learning and development opportunities provided and how you have your own continuing professional development budget to spend as you wish, including international conferences!"
Graduate, Oldbury-on-Severn
"Each graduate is given a substantial training budget that can be used on any training relevant to their development. This gives us the opportunity to improve our knowledge in weaker areas and advance our knowledge in our chosen fields. We're also provided with core training that covers a wide range of skills and knowledge that's extremely helpful to have in the workplace."
Graduate, Liverpool
"The flexibility to drive your career in the direction you want to go. You can choose what secondments you do so you can choose to get a wide range of experiences."
Graduate, Warrington
"It gives you the opportunity to work for different companies in the two years of your graduate programme and therefore to experience how it is to work in different corporate cultures."
Graduate, Warrington
"The graduate scheme has enormous variety. We do a minimum of three secondments in the nuclear industry with some graduates taking up to five. The choice of companies is in your hands so you can go to places no other nucleargraduate has gone before and make your path through the scheme unique."
Graduate, Variable
"The grad scheme lets you have secondments at a number of different companies and the list to choose from is huge. Almost any company within the nuclear industry is possible and there are a large number of companies abroad that you can go and work at for up to five months in countries such as Austria, Australia, Japan, Canada and America. The support network is extremely useful and the frequency and quality of training weeks is unmatched by other grad schemes in the UK."
Graduate, Derbyshire, Vienna and now London.
"The opportunity to get involved in conferences, training courses and STEM events as well as working in various organisations around the country and the world as part of the grad scheme."
Graduate, live in Ashford, work in Dungeness


"Having the ability to undertake secondments at a number of domestic and international companies. Past graduates have been abroad to Australia, Austria, Japan and America. There's a large budget for courses and conferences as well as an international trip to learn about another nation's nuclear programme. Past destinations have included Romania, Canada, Finland and Ukraine."
Graduate, .
"The opportunity to be seconded to different companies and experience a variety of cultures."
Graduate, Manchester
"Getting interesting and important work. Nucleargraduates is good for its broadness of opportunities."
Graduate, London
"The great opportunities to move around the country and get experience working with multiple companies across the sector."
Graduate, bristol
"There are lots of opportunities for travel and the secondments allow lots of experience across the nuclear industry."
Graduate, Whitehaven


"Being given the opportunity to work abroad for five months. No other nuclear-related graduate scheme offers this."
Graduate, I have worked in many places during my graduate scheme including Cumbria, Lancaster and Australia.
"I like the training options and the generous training budget that you can spend on courses that you think will benefit your personal development. Options range from completing STEM engagement activities and training courses to planning an international trip for your entire cohort or starting a small- or medium-sized enterprise. We also get the chance to work in a number of roles in different companies within the sector. This is really helping me to work out what my strengths, weaknesses and interests are."
Graduate, Whitehaven, Cumbria
"The sponsors of the nucleargraduates programme cover all aspects of the nuclear industry and provide many opportunities to learn about, and be involved in, the industry."
Graduate, Birchwood, Warrington
"There's good flexibility in the work, good connections to the industry, opportunities to work in various companies throughout the two-year scheme and great training opportunities."
Graduate, Liverpool
"We get a personal budget to spend on conferences and training that we wish to attend. We also have the freedom to choose placements in multiple businesses across the industry."
Graduate, Nationwide - Currently Derby based


"Great future opportunities and fantastic training options. It's a personable and human team running the programme, which means support is delivered well. Excellent sponsors buying into the scheme mean that mobility is easy."
Graduate, Somerset
"The opportunity to work across the nuclear industry in the UK and abroad."
Graduate, Whitehaven
"The opportunity to work for different companies and organisations while on the graduate scheme."
Graduate, Burton-upon-Trent
"Lots of training opportunities and the ability to attend conferences and seminars in order to improve knowledge and understanding of industry."
Graduate, Drigg
"Fantastic opportunities including international secondments, trips and conferences, vast training options, dedicated training budget, chance to work at a number of excellent companies etc. Fantastic for meeting chartership competencies due to the large number of secondments available."
Graduate, Heysham
"The freedom to choose the location of my secondments and the separate training budget allocated to each graduate. This enables us to choose what courses and conferences etc we can attend. All the work we complete is in order to gain experience within the industry, the graduate programme offers a unique chance to develop and learn as and how we want."
Graduate, Cumbria
"Large amounts of useful training worked into the scheme, including an outward-bound week. Very flexible with continuing personal development opportunities, conferences etc and great relations between the whole graduate body. Moving between many locations and roles across the country gives wide-ranging experience and the opportunity to explore the UK. Ability to choose and tailor secondments to get the experience you want."
Entry level, Whitehaven
"Opportunities and funding to attend training, conferences and courses in the UK and overseas. Additionally, working for at least three different companies over the course of the graduate scheme provides an unrivalled breadth of experience."
Graduate, North West


"For me, the opportunities for varied experience and visits across the industry are the best part of the scheme."
Graduate, Bristol
"Working in three companies mean that we get a great deal of experience. Additionally, the high level of training and development and working with STEM are all pluses."
Graduate, Derby
"The ability to have numerous secondments at a variety of host companies allows an increased exposure to the best practise working!"
Graduate, Workington
"I love the flexibility of the scheme, as you can choose which companies you want to work for and therefore essentially what you do."
Graduate, Whitehaven
"The scheme offers unmatched opportunities for training and personal development."
"The nucleargraduates scheme gives me the opportunity to gain a wide range of experience by working for different companies and institutions over a two-year period."
Graduate, Derby
"Great support and friendly people!"
Graduate, Derby
"Great structure and opportunities for training, with plenty of support with career development are pluses for me."
Graduate, Derby


"Exposure to such a wide array of work of high importance. You have access to high level people even as an entry level graduate and are working on projects worth millions of pounds."
Graduate, Warrington
"The chance to experience working at many different companies within the nuclear industry. Well structured graduate scheme with time committed to learning about the nuclear industry."
Graduate, Derby
"You get to do many different placements and there's always things happening outside normal working days. Trips to Switzerland, France and site visits and trips in the UK."
Graduate, All over
"Through nucleargraduates you can find amazing opportunities that massively boost your CV and your professional experience. Also fantastic networking possibilities."
Midlevel, Derby, Plymouth, Vienna
"Lots and lots of training, often in interesting places. Time out of work to do STEM ambassador work. A great group of friends in the other graduates."
Graduate, Derby
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