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Relations with Management

7.1 / 10

(based on 11 ratings in 2019)


"Managers within the graduate scheme are reasonably distant but are there when you need them. They provide performance feedback and recognition but this is mainly done by the team in which you operate in on secondment. We are given a line manager on each secondment and a mentor throughout the scheme for support."
Graduate, Liverpool
"We get regular performance appraisals and a mentor is assigned to us at the start of the scheme."
Graduate, Tokyo
"The programme team is very friendly and always here to help when needed."
Graduate, Warrington
"Everyone is really accessible and there to support you when you need them and to recognise your great work."
Graduate, Warrington
"The graduate programme team is very accessible and will be supportive with most issues you have. The quality of mentor access will vary, as will the quality of line management between placements."
Graduate, Bristol
"You are assigned a fixed mentor for the two-year period. You're close to begin with but maintaining contact afterwards can be difficult. The team that runs the graduate scheme is quite contactable, but is remote from you for the most part (in Cumbria). This means communication can be slow in some instances. However, I can note that the administration team is helpful and very responsive."
Graduate, At the moment, near Bristol


"The managers and mentors I have had on my secondments have been excellent. However, trying to deliver feedback to the programme team can be very frustrating at times and communication can sometimes be poor."
Graduate, .
"It depends on how busy they are. Quite a few managers are slow to give feedback but very quick to come back on any urgent questions you may need answers to."
Graduate, Manchester
"It is easy to access the programme team and they are happy to help where they can."
Graduate, London
"My mentor is good but I often struggle to get regular interaction. Being located a long distance away from each other can make this tricky but so far it has been dealt with by pre-arranged meetings and good forward planning."
Graduate, bristol
"Managers are very accessible and it is always possible to speak to a member of the team if you need to. There is an out-of-hours emergency number too."
Graduate, Whitehaven


"Internal communication hasn't been an issue and support is there when needed. The feedback and appraisals process is very intense and can sometimes feel slightly oppressive though. Internal communication is good and could only really be improved by having a bigger team managing the scheme."
Graduate, Somerset
"There are lots of people looking after you when you are on the scheme. nucleargraduates has its own team of people and then you get nominated a line manager and mentor at your host organisations. There are two formal appraisal opportunities at each placement that you complete as well."
Graduate, Birchwood, Warrington
"We get mid- and end-of-placement appraisals on the graduate scheme. Line managers at placements have been extremely supportive of people in my experience."
Graduate, Liverpool
"There's lots of performance feedback and scope for information if you ask."
Graduate, Nationwide - Currently Derby based
"We get a lot of feedback through appraisals and the programme team also regularly asks for our feedback."
Graduate, London currently. As part of the scheme you move around the country on different secondments, so your location changes (you have a say in your secondments and therefore your location).


"Company leads for the sponsoring organisations vary. Some are elusive, some are very hands-on and involved. The programme team are there for your help and they will provide what you need to ensure you get the most out of the scheme."
Graduate, Somerset
"Managers are very accessible. Our appraisals are completed with very experienced personnel, who we take a lot of knowledge and understanding from."
Graduate, Bristol
"I often have trouble communicating with programme runners and suggesting improvements etc. With the host companies it depends on the company. Some are very visible and approachable but others are never around."
Graduate, varied
"The Nucleargraduates managers are very helpful and supportive. You also have a secondment line manager, who you are likely to have much more contact with day to day. You are also allocated a professional mentor to support your professional development and progress towards chartership (if relevant)."
Graduate, Burton-upon-Trent
"The programme team are quick to respond to any issues we are having with regard to work or personal problems and can assist us in sorting them out. Within our sponsor organisation we have a line manager and mentor who are responsible for our continuing personal development."
Graduate, Drigg
"Generally very good. Support, assessment and feedback is carried out in regular appraisals. These are very well done and always useful. The programme team always strives to be helpful. My criticism would be that sometimes communication could be better. There have been occasions where graduates have felt out of the loop on important decisions, though the programme team has recognised this and there have been improvements recently."
Entry level, Whitehaven
"You get assigned a mentor at the beginning and you also have a team adviser who looks after about eight other graduates. Appraisals happen every three months or so and are really good for chartership and tracking your progress."
Graduate, Manchester
"Mentors are generally senior management, which is good in terms of professional advice. It does have the disadvantage that they are often very busy and getting time with them can be difficult. The graduate scheme endeavours to assign alternative mentors in these circumstances."
Graduate, Gloucester


"My initial contact with managers has been very promising, with a lot of effort put into my needs, as well as excellent communication."
Graduate, Liverpool
"The management are very open to contact when required. The programme team don't do mentoring, but they support the graduates to push for chartered engineer/scientist status or whatever is relevant to their degree. So the team do emphasise the need for professional mentors, and have 'team bosses' which are independent to help with support and advice."
Graduate, Glasgow
"As the programme team are relatively small compared to the number of graduates on the scheme, communication can sometimes be difficult."
Graduate, Workington
"Managers are very accessible, but don't always have the best attitude. The mentoring system is excellent and we can easily communicate and get good advice on our decisions and charter-ship application. In my experience, communication is constant, and we are rarely out of the loop."
Graduate, London
"For a small team, they are readily available and respond ASAP. My sponsors have also been easy to contact."
Graduate, Oxford
"There are a number of options for communicating with management, for example 'team bosses' are provided as impartial, intermediary people to talk to. There is also a buddy system with the cohort above for small queries and then the programme team are available for all other queries. There are two appraisals per secondment so performance feedback is very good I think."
Graduate, Oxfordshire


"There is always someone available or willing to help, be it a line manager, mentor or another employee."
Graduate, Warrington
"They are always there for you ready to help you out whenever you need them. The push you to perform better and improve as a professional. They always give us good advice on what to do and find us the appropriate people to talk with when needed."
Graduate, Seascale
"We have a line manager at each of our secondment companies as well as a mentor throughout the whole scheme. My experiences with both have been very positive. But, management from nucleargraduates is difficult as all the graduates are all over the country and hence there is no contact time with our actual boss and programme manager during our secondment other than over the phone or through emails."
Graduate, Derby
"The nucleargraduates personnel are easy to contact if there is anything needed. They are however sometimes on recruitment, but you can normally sort things with a bit of pestering."
Graduate, Derby
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