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Satisfaction with Work

7.7 / 10

(based on 13 ratings in 2019)


"Since starting on the scheme I have been given real work to do that has made an impact on important deliverables. I work between two different Magnox sites, which means that the work has been varied and I have met a lot of great people."
Graduate, Oldbury-on-Severn
"We get to go on secondments with different organisations to gain wider experience within the industry. This means that we get a wide range of exposure to the industry as a whole as opposed to the work and viewpoint of one company. My current day-to-day role involves liaising with my graduate team to create a successful SME, writing a report on security culture within the industry and attending relevant training to broaden my knowledge within my subject area."
Graduate, Liverpool
"Due to short placements, you can sometimes end up doing work that you feel isn't suitable. However, the graduate team is really good at ensuring the quality of work you are assigned is suitable and will help you if you feel you aren't getting what you want from the placement."
Graduate, Tokyo
"I have a variety of roles including mechanical design, manufacturing engineering, layout engineering and stress analysis. I have had some really good secondments that have challenged me to learn new skills."
Graduate, Warrington
"The quality of work will be highly variable and will depend on the placement host, placement line manager and luck. You could arrange for a brilliant scope of work for your placement but bad luck can throw that out the window very quickly. It is important to seek out and be proactive in finding work that you want to do, and this will often be encouraged."
Graduate, Bristol
"As an environmental scientist working on a nuclear-licensed site, most of my work is compliance based. I work in a technical centre that supports various sites and we have to make sure that things like effluent discharges or land contamination won't lead to significant harm to the environment. To do this, I look at data and write reports, drawing on knowledge from others in my office and on site."
Graduate, At the moment, near Bristol
"Each day is completely different across the scheme. I went from working on the early design phase to manufacturing improvement to international policy to stress analysis and finally back to manufacturing. The work can be really challenging at times as we may have only five (or sometimes four) months to settle into a new role and be able to deliver a meaningful output. On top of this is the seemingly endless list of grad scheme tasks to complete such as trip reports, performance reviews and starting up and running an SME etc."
Graduate, Derbyshire, Vienna and now London.


"The quality of work you are assigned is entirely up to you. You will be in a position where you are able to pick where you work and will often have more than a few options to choose from. This will allow you to choose a company that assigns you a good quality of work."
Graduate, .
"I started work as a design engineer and was given lots of responsibility and a variety of things to work on. This could have been more challenging though. I then worked as a stress analyst, which was very difficult and an excellent learning and development opportunity. It could have lasted longer though. I'm currently working as a government policy adviser. This comes with lots of responsibility, challenging deadlines and lots of support."
Graduate, Derby/London
"I've worked on government documents and done analysis of consultations."
Graduate, London
"The day-to-day work can be varied with most of the work given being of graduate level or just above to challenge me. This work, with the support of mentors and line managers, helps you to develop yourself and work towards chartership."
Graduate, bristol
"The job role varies with each secondment. I have had the opportunity to be involved in work that I wouldn't have if I had not been on the scheme. I have completed both technical and non-technical secondments and have even worked within the Australian government."
Graduate, Whitehaven


"While our employer doesn't assign our work directly, we are given the opportunity to experience many different roles across the industry. This gives graduates lots of experience."
Graduate, I have worked in many places during my graduate scheme including Cumbria, Lancaster and Australia.
"The work varies between secondments, allowing flexibility that you might not get in a full-time position. All of your work is centred around professional development, allowing you the opportunity to make a significant and diverse start to your chartership/professional accreditation portfolio."
Graduate, Somerset
"As we're on secondments for a short period of time, the amount and quality of work can vary drastically."
Graduate, Whitehaven, Cumbria
"The beauty of the nucleargraduates scheme is that you get a minimum of three placements so, if you aren't enjoying the type of work you are doing, you can try something new in eight months anyway. I have been able to get involved in many teams within my project, which has allowed me to try new things that mechanical engineers might not normally be able to do."
Graduate, Birchwood, Warrington
"We have the opportunity to get involved in work that has clear and visible benefits to the organisation as a whole. There's less of a focus on technical and design elements as most of the work is around skills, communication, time management and problem solving."
Graduate, Liverpool
"Work is completely dependent on the placement company and line managers. Most of the work I've been allocated has been relevant, challenging and useful to the overall business targets."
Graduate, Nationwide - Currently Derby based
"I have lots of work and responsibility on my current secondment, but this can vary between secondments. If you feel that aren't gaining anything from a secondment, you can change. You often have a number of projects that you are involved with and a few tasks that you own and are responsible for."
Graduate, London currently. As part of the scheme you move around the country on different secondments, so your location changes (you have a say in your secondments and therefore your location).


"As a graduate, my work is very dynamic and fluid with people keen to give me experience everywhere across the business area I work in. This ranges from hands-on work to very high-level technical work. People are willing to give me opportunities to try novel things, which is excellent."
Graduate, Somerset
"I am currently on secondment at the Office of Nuclear Regulation, working within the GDA (generic design assessment team). I specifically focus on the Radwaste side of GDA and the work I do is very interesting and a great way to gain insight into new-build reactors and the process involved in construction."
Graduate, Liverpool
"I work in project controls, so I measure how well the project is going. My current line manager has given me multiple tasks to report to the client and has given me a large amount of exposure to the project management side of things."
Graduate, Bristol
"Nucleargraduates have the opportunity to do three secondments in different organisations. This means the day-to-day work varies hugely depending on the role you're in. There is a huge range of organisations where you can choose to go on secondment."
Graduate, Burton-upon-Trent
"Data analysis, report writing, on-plant quality checks. The work is varied and is designed to give me a broad experience of on-site operations and improve my understanding of the company I am seconded to."
Graduate, Drigg
"I have performed several roles across the scheme with varying focus, from engineering to commercial. I have enjoyed the engineering roles the most as they are directly related to my degree. However, all the others were good experiences too."
Entry level, Whitehaven
"This varies from placement to placement depending upon how the companies view graduates. However, at my current placement with the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency – part of the UN) I am treated like a full staff member and am involved in document development, meetings with representatives from all over the world and workshops training people in nuclear waste management."
Graduate, Various
"The quality of work varies from place to place, but as a Nucleargraduate you can arrange to work on some really interesting projects. Currently I am working on a project designing an experimental rig to manufacture a new kind of nuclear fuel."
Graduate, Manchester


"My role varies with secondments, but it can be anywhere from managing and implementing a project to technical analysis or hands-on engineering."
Midlevel, Plymouth
"I am currently seconded to Doosan Babcock Manufacturing where I am involved with the build of a complex engineering package. This work currently involves stakeholder meetings, writing technical queries and production permits to the design authority, and assisting with progress meetings."
Graduate, Glasgow
"I am fortunate enough to currently be involved with the programme management team which allows me to get involved in vital business decisions."
Graduate, Workington
"So far I have been involved in updating some software using Matlab, producing training material and developing an internal carbon price for the company."
Graduate, Derby
"One of the main purposes for the graduates is that they have proper work to do during the secondments. I have been working in manufacturing, learning more about how complex engineering designs are transformed into real life packages."
Graduate, Glasgow
"Currently my secondment is working to assess how waste is packaged against criteria required for a geological disposal facility. This work involves reviewing lots of information from a number of companies, and understanding their processes, and then being able to interpret that information and form an assessment report."
Graduate, Oxfordshire
"My day-to-day responsibilities are very good. The scheme works by seconding graduates out to various companies over the two years of the scheme. All the sponsor and host companies that take us in are all very friendly, highly-competent and supportive of our scheme."
Graduate, Warrington
"Work varies depending on what placement you are on. In most cases, it is up to you to find the right fit and get the most out of a placement as you can."


"Its incredibly varied and no day is the same. However, I try to support experienced project control and programme managers in their day to day assurance activities, overseeing the sign off of high value work with some resource management."
Graduate, Warrington
"Had the responsibility or running my own project on one placement. Then got to work with an electrical engineer on real projects on another."
Graduate, All over
"My work has varied upon which company I am working with, which is up to me to a large degree. I have undertaken a large amount of both technical and more hands on work that I feel has greatly aided my progress to chartership. Computational modelling, maintenance tests on plant equipment and working on international policies are just some of the things I have done on this two year course."
Midlevel, Derby, Plymouth, Vienna
"I have the responsibilities of a regular design engineer. I organise, chair and secretary meetings as well as working within a team to produce solutions to the work that comes in."
Graduate, Derby
"I have plenty of interaction with various levels of people, including engineers, managers and directors. This interaction gives you the experience of how to react in these scenarios and allows you to impress in the future."
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