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9.1 / 10

(based on 12 ratings in 2019)


"The first two weeks on the scheme involve an induction period where you undertake a week-long module introducing you to all aspects of the nuclear industry. You then have the opportunity to undertake three other modules (of your choice) to be awarded a postgraduate certificate in nuclear technology, which really helps to solidify technical knowledge gained on the scheme."
Graduate, Oldbury-on-Severn
"The training provided is hugely valuable and having the training budget on top of that makes it hard to find a fault. Not many other places will give you specific money to spend on relevant training."
Graduate, Liverpool
"There is a graduate training zone every few months focusing on different soft skills and also charity elements. During one of these weeks we visited Chernobyl and another was spent in the lake district doing outward bound activities. They have also included weeks on leadership and project management etc."
Graduate, Tokyo
"There is a huge amount of core training throughout the scheme that is totally unrivalled by other schemes. There is both technical training available through a postgraduate qualification as well as lots of training focusing on leadership and communication skills. You also have a large personal budget to spend on additional training that will help your personal development."
Graduate, Warrington
"The vast majority of core (mandatory) training is exceptional and is a real benefit. Training is given in project management (resulting in a formal qualification), leadership and teamwork. Technical training is also available (by using around 50% of your training budget) in modules that contribute to a PGCert in nuclear technology."
Graduate, Bristol
"The grad scheme has some core training that everyone has to attend. Most of it (project management, commercial awareness and business skills) is very useful for your time on the grad scheme."
Graduate, At the moment, near Bristol
"There is a strong focus on leadership and management skills. The training is extensive and there is a large additional budget for training you can book yourself. After every secondment there is a two-hour appraisal session and these are great for reviewing your personal performance and finding areas for improvement. These appraisals are conducted in a supportive and constructive way."
Graduate, Derbyshire, Vienna and now London.


"There are a number of training zones throughout the graduate scheme that will address a range of soft skills that are useful in the workplace."
Graduate, .
"My training included project management, power and influencing, and business skills."
Graduate, Manchester
"The training programme is well structured from the start. Although much of the training is pre-planned, there is also a large amount that is chosen by you based on your personal interests. This is particularly good if you know what you would like to develop."
Graduate, bristol
"I've had training on project management and negotiating. I also got my postgraduate certificate in nuclear technology from the University of Manchester."
Graduate, Whitehaven


"There are excellent training and professional development opportunities. We can also take part in postgraduate courses in nuclear technology, business management, communication and project management. I have also attended a few technical-based conferences in the UK and abroad."
Graduate, I have worked in many places during my graduate scheme including Cumbria, Lancaster and Australia.
"Most of the training has been really good. The training is designed with the idea that most of the graduates have a strong technical background in mind. This means that soft skills and professional/managerial training is heavily promoted."
Graduate, Somerset
"I've had key training related to my job in terms of technical and specific skills. There has also been soft skills training including business/commercial awareness and influencing and negotiating. There's also additional training on practical skills and university postgraduate certificates in different areas."
Graduate, Liverpool
"There's lots of training on offer including: business skills, communication, project management, teamwork and leadership etc. Additionally, we get a personal budget to spend on further training of interest."
Graduate, Nationwide - Currently Derby based
"The technical training has been a good way to improve my nuclear knowledge. We have also had a lot of soft skills training."
Graduate, London currently. As part of the scheme you move around the country on different secondments, so your location changes (you have a say in your secondments and therefore your location).


"I can't imagine receiving better quality or more extensive training elsewhere. This really is a development programme."
Graduate, Leeds
"Most training programmes have been good. Also, you get a £3,500 training budget that you can spend on courses and conferences that are of interest to you."
Graduate, Whitehaven
"Training has included: business skills, influencing and negotiating, commercial awareness, project management, and higher-level communications. The postgraduate certificate in nuclear technology includes: geological disposal of radioactive waste, radioactive waste management, decommissioning, and many others."
Graduate, Liverpool
"A mixture of technical and soft-skills training, including a postgraduate certificate."
Graduate, Burton-upon-Trent
"The graduate programme provides opportunity for both technical and soft skills training. Technical training is covered by completing the post graduate certificate in nuclear technology at Manchester University throughout the two-year programme. Soft skills training takes place at training zones throughout the programme and includes: commercial awareness, business skills, technical leadership, influencing and negotiation etc."
Graduate, Drigg
"The mandatory training courses vary in usefulness depending on your role etc but there is always something relevant to everyone. As well as this, you have your own dedicated training budget that you can spend on any training you see fit. You just have to describe how it's relevant – it's not too difficult to achieve approval."
Graduate, Heysham
"A huge variety of training, both optional and compulsory, covering the following: communications, commercial awareness, influencing and negotiating, safety case, and technical postgraduate modules through Manchester University."
Graduate, Gloucester
"I have been on a number of training programmes including a postgraduate certificate in nuclear technology and courses in finance, project management, communications and team-building/leadership."
Graduate, Reading


"Training programmes include Nuclear Professionalism, PgCert in technical aspects, site specific training."
Graduate, Liverpool
"Through our training budget we can elect technical and behavioural modules working towards further qualifications. The technical modules build towards obtaining a post-grad certificate in nuclear technology. The behavioural modules lead to a certificate of nuclear professionalism. In addition there are days throughout the programme to work on presentation skills, communications, group work and business skills."
Graduate, Glasgow
"The training list is extensive and flexible according to your discipline and interest."
Graduate, Cumbria
"We had training on presentation skills, project management, nuclear engineering, international world, nuclear conference, services policy, etc."
Graduate, London
"Nucleargraduates provides you with a CPD and T&S budget. We are allowed to pay for extra training modules with these budgets; as well as attend any and all conferences we feel we need to be a part of."
Graduate, Warrington
"There are numerous technical courses related to nuclear, and a number of soft skills courses such as technical leadership, communications, project management, and presentation skills."
Graduate, Plymouth
"In addition to technical and work-related competency training there are activities dedicated to gaining awareness of social and political issues and learning how these can affect and be affected by the work that one does. I have learned technical skills and information, knowledge of project management and commercial operations, and have gained a wider understanding of the society within which the nuclear industry sits."
Graduate, Bristol


"Most training is very well planned and carried out. Training budget allows access to professional training courses also."
"Training could be a bit better on secondment, however the training and development you can secure from the scheme itself is brilliant."
Graduate, Warrington
"Excellent training. We do a postgraduate certificate in Nuclear Technologies and a postgraduate certificate for our professional development. We have amazing training zones that we learn and have fun as a whole cohort."
Graduate, Seascale
"Very good formal training from nucleargraduates in the case of training zones based around a PGC in Nuclear Technology and Certificate of Nuclear Professionalism. You can also get training from your specific secondment companies if you ask for it which is also very beneficial."
Graduate, Derby
"Postgraduate certificate in nuclear technologies, the certificate of nuclear professionalism and a personal training budget to spend on additional training."
Graduate, Derby
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