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Social Mobility


"We have a Pathways to Law week, where students from disadvantaged backgrounds come to do work experience."
Second year trainee, Bristol
"Work experience programs invite students from less privileged backgrounds to learn more about the legal industry and the firm's role within it."
First year trainee, Bristol
"The diversity committee looks at increasing social mobility. We also support Pathways to Law, a legal work experience scheme for students from less privileged backgrounds."
Second year trainee, Bristol
"We have some involvement in pathways to law placements, and the firm doesn't filter applicants based on university but instead by ability. We are also involved with the Sutton Trust scheme."
First year trainee, Bristol
"I think Osborne Clarke is probably better than other firms. The trainees come from a range of backgrounds and locations but we are all educated to a similar degree."
First year trainee, London


"Open days and work experience for school children from less privileged backgrounds."
Second year trainee, London
"We are involved with the Pathways to Law scheme."
First year trainee, Bristol
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