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Interview Questions


"If you could stand on a soapbox on the corner of one of Birmingham's streets and talk about anything you wanted to, what would you talk about and why? Why Shoosmiths? What areas of law are you interested in trying?"
First year trainee, Birmingham
"If I was to be part of a team, such as a football team, what team would I be in and why? How would I deal with a difficult situation? What is my view on the ban of diesel cars?"
First year trainee, Southampton
"All of my questions were competency based."
First year trainee, Birmingham
"If you were given a platform to address a mass audience, what would you say and why? Why do you want a career in law? What has been interesting you in the news lately?"
First year trainee, Birmingham
"I was asked what my biggest weakness was when I worked in a team."
Second year trainee, Birmingham
"I was asked a lot of questions about myself. There was also a discussion based on a commercial topic."
First year trainee, Manchester


"Be prepared for one or two left-field questions where they will look for you to either make an argument and defend it or express an opinion on a matter. In either case it will be about a recent news story or topical issue."
Second year trainee, Milton Keynes
"I was asked a mix of motivational and competency-based questions."
First year trainee, Nottingham
"The questions ranged from competency questions to questions based on current affairs. Read the paper or listen to the news in advance of the assessment day to keep informed of what's going on, but if you don't know, say! It is better to be honest that you don't know the answer than it is to try to blag it and get it wrong."
First year trainee, Solent


"I was asked to give an example of a time that I had innovated to solve a problem, and a time that I had worked well in a team."
First year trainee, Edinburgh
"Something topical is usually asked."
Second year trainee, Milton Keynes
"Current affairs and general conversation. My interview was more about how I engaged with others."
First year trainee, Nottingham
"Why law? Why Shoosmiths? Assorted competency questions. Interview felt more like a conversation than a series of unconnected questions."
First year trainee, Milton Keynes
"Standard competency questions (ie give an example of when you have worked in a team)."
First year trainee, Manchester
"Why law and why Shoosmiths? (It is important to know what the firm does.) I was asked about my work experience and some general competency questions."
Second year trainee, Solent


"I had to answer questions such as giving an example of where I led a team and any conflicts that arose, and what I did to solve them. This was alongside questions such as why should the firm hire me and why did I want to work for them."
Second year trainee, Reading
"My interview mainly consisted of competency based questions."
Second year trainee, Southampton
"I was asked questions about my previous work experience, various competency questions and about current affairs."
First year trainee, Southampton


"I was asked several questions about the firm's values and how I and my background reflected this."
Second year trainee, Milton Keynes
"The questions in the interview are designed to draw out your personality; for example, asking about how you deal with pressure and the sort of person you are, which you are required to answer by giving examples of your life experiences. The more examples you can give shows you to be a greater, better-rounded individual."
Second year trainee, Reading
"They ask the usual compentency questions that you would expect in an interview with a law firm. MY interview was CV blind, and so the interviewers had not seen my application beforehand."
First year trainee, Manchester
"There were numerous competency based questions asking me to demonstrate when I had worked as part of a team, overcome an obstacle, thought innovatively and taken initiative."
Second year trainee, Manchester
"I was asked why I wanted to work for Shoosmiths, and to give examples of competency based skills, personal experience, and commercial awareness."
Second year trainee, Manchester
"There were competency based questions centred on teamwork, initiative, working under pressure, learning new skills, dealing with criticism, etc. I had to discuss why I am interested in law, what I could bring to the firm and there was a question about current events in the legal world."
First year trainee, Reading
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