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9.3 / 10

(based on 15 ratings in 2016)


"We have good representation from all groups. The company is really supportive of any issues and offers good maternity/compassionate leave etc."
Graduate, Leeds
"People are judged on their merits rather than race, gender etc. I haven't known the issue to come up. The maternity package is very good."
Graduate, Leeds
"Women, LGBTQ and ethnic minorities are all treated as equals here. Among developers, white males are the largest group by far but I am confident that this is not a bias on our part (our managing director is a software developer and a woman, and two of our most senior coders are from ethnic minorities, so there's no disadvantage to not being a white male)."
Graduate, Leeds
"The company are extremely welcoming of all different diversities. This is reflected in the recruitment policy, particularly in the amount of female software developers we have."
Graduate, Leeds
"There's a range of ethnicities and sexual orientations present. Discrimination isn't tolerated."
Graduate, Leeds
"We treat everyone equally. I have never seen any example of this not being followed."
Entry level, Leeds
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