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Green Initiatives

7.1 / 10

(based on 14 ratings in 2016)


"One of the key aims of our software is to reduce paper usage in healthcare."
Graduate, Leeds
"All paper waste is shredded and recycled, and the other waste bins are sorted. The office building is energy efficient (lights automatically dim where the sun is shining in through the windows)."
Graduate, Leeds
"The company shred all paper used within the office and this is recycled. The lights are on a motion sensor and turn off automatically when not needed."
Graduate, Leeds
"We do recycle and think about our use of electricity, but it is of secondary importance to keeping our healthcare software and database running securely and reliably. We would not cut down on our electricity use if their was any clinical risk elsewhere."
Graduate, Leeds
"By the nature of our product, we eliminate the use of paper wherever our system is used. The office uses a lot of natural light/energy efficient lighting and all waste is sorted and recycled."
Graduate, Leeds
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