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8.8 / 10

(based on 17 ratings in 2016)


"Work hours are reasonable but pre-defined (not flexible). Out-of-hours work is required occasionally but is much more flexible."
Graduate, Leeds
"Fairly standard hours, except we finish at 4.00 pm on Friday. There isn't any flexi-time (it wouldn't be constructive given how much of the job involves working with others). Coders may need to come in out-of-hours for server issues, but this is almost always only when a coder isn't busy socially and they are generously compensated with time in lieu to take during normal work hours."
Entry level, Leeds
"We work 8.30 am until 5.15 pm Monday to Thursday and we finish earlier on a Friday. Overtime is actively discouraged. We also receive generous compensation for working or travelling at weekends."
Midlevel, Leeds
"We start at 8.30 am and leave at 5.15 pm with a full hour for lunch. On Friday we cut our lunch in half and leave at 4.00 pm instead. There is a strong culture of leaving on time unless there is something very urgent that needs fixing."
Graduate, Leeds
"The hours are not flexible, but in many ways that's a good thing. We are very careful to make sure we leave at the same, reasonable, time each day and we keep careful track of out-of-hours work."
Graduate, Leeds
"We can be asked to work long hours but generally we get to leave on time and are encouraged to take full lunches."
Graduate, Horsforth
"The hours are not flexible but this is because of the way we work. We very rarely work past the finish time of 5.15 pm (throughout the entire of last year I did no more than about ten hours extra) and if we ever do, we usually order pizza or other food in. We keep track of people who have stayed late throughout the year to ensure that this is spread evenly."
Entry level, Leeds
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