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9.7 / 10

(based on 15 ratings in 2016)


"Very relaxed dress code (except for external meetings). Brand new office finished to a high standard."
Graduate, Leeds
"We recently moved into a brand new office that was built specifically to house our growing workforce. It's an open space designed to fit with our open and collaborative culture. The dress code is informal, but you obviously dress accordingly for any meetings or visits outside the office."
Graduate, Leeds
"We've just moved into our brand new office and it's great! There is so much space (which we are trying to fill) and large terraces and balconies for the odd sunny day we get in Leeds. The office is very open plan and nobody is hidden away in an office. We even have an entire floor for the breakout area with large sofas, TVs and pool tables. Every floor has a kitchen and the bathrooms are like something you'd find in a five star hotel. The accounts team dresses a little smarter than other teams in the company and we should be prepared to attend a meeting at short notice."
Midlevel, Leeds
"Casual dress code, large open plan office in a building designed by the company."
Graduate, Leeds
"Brand new office, open plan and very spacious. Dress code in the office is on the smarter side of casual, with most developers wearing t-shirts and jeans."
Graduate, Leeds
"The offices are open plan, which complements the way we work. We have an excellent rec-room for lunch breaks and the building itself looks very good. The dress code is informal."
Graduate, Leeds
"The offices are brand new, extremely modern and comfortable. There's a lot of natural light and the windows are usually open, giving a bright and airy feel. The dress code for coders is extremely relaxed, with a t-shirt and jeans being the standard."
Graduate, Leeds
"The office has just been built specifically for us so is tailored to our needs."
Entry level, Leeds
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