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"The level of responsibility you receive early on and the ownership you get over your own work. It makes you more engaged and motivated to do something to the best of your ability."
Graduate, Leeds
"The best thing about working for TPP is the variety of the work involved. No two days are ever the same. Everyone at TPP is working towards a common goal and the passion everyone has for the work that we do is infectious. The work is challenging but there is a huge support network available to help you through it. I learn something new every day at work and love the opportunities to travel internationally and meet such interesting people. Working for TPP has really pushed me to reach my full potential and I couldn't imagine working anywhere else."
Midlevel, Leeds
"Great pay and great benefits. Everyone is always on hand to help you out if you get stuck. Plenty of opportunity to work on all aspects of the system."
Graduate, Leeds
"Free sailing trip, free breakfast sandwiches and open bar on Fridays, high starting salary, encouragement to use initiative, freedom to question procedure and suggest changes from the first day, very active social life."
Graduate, Leeds
"The work is meaningful and the people are excellent to work with."
Graduate, Leeds
"Great perks, amazing people to work worth, constant support."
Graduate, Leeds
"I like the way new coders are taught to learn through asking for help and feeding back to teammates all the time. This helps to take the pressure off as it's expected that new starters have no experience of coding and are totally unfamiliar with our system."
Graduate, Leeds
"You can change processes and how the company does things if you have valid arguments for it. The company is based around common sense and logic, which means red tape and time wasting is minimised."
Entry level, Leeds
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