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Relations with Management

9.1 / 10

(based on 15 ratings in 2016)


"There are only a few managers at the top. In my experience with them, they've been helpfully transparent and very competent."
Entry level, Leeds
"All of TPP's directors sit among the teams in the office. As we have a flat hierarchy, everyone in the company is extremely approachable and we are encouraged to speak up if there is something we're unhappy about or would like to change. If you sit on it and keep quiet, how will anything ever get done about it? We regularly get together as a company or with our teams to check if everyone is getting on ok or if there is anything else the company could be doing. Also, if you're doing a good job, you will definitely hear about it."
Midlevel, Leeds
"We have a flat hierarchy, so there isn't really anyone in between Frank (the owner) and the rest of the employees. This makes for great communication between teams and no bureaucracy."
Graduate, Leeds
"We have two directors who interact with software developers (one used to be a developer herself). Their job is hard to describe: they act as advisers and mediators and they watch for inefficiencies and problems, solving them before they cause damage."
Graduate, Leeds
"Because of the flat hierarchy within the company, we are all responsible for our team's work. As a result, I can always find one of my colleagues to ask for performance feedback."
Graduate, Leeds
"There really isn't any management except for the company owner, and he is a great guy. He's capable and dedicated to the company (and good to get a pint with)."
Graduate, Leeds
"Everyone in the company is approachable and the hierarchy is very flat. The employees with the highest ability are normally the ones to take the lead, which means they are not just blindly giving orders with no knowledge of the people/tasks they are directing."
Graduate, Leeds
"Due to the flat hierarchy, there are few actual managers with more experienced team members being the go-to for problems. In general, everyone is eager to help each other out and very patient with new starters."
Graduate, Leeds
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