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8.5 / 10

(based on 16 ratings in 2016)


"All new starters receive a lot of support and are involved in all kinds of meetings and trips from the very beginning, simply for the experience. I think the best way to learn is definitely learning on the job, picking it up as you're going along."
Midlevel, Leeds
"Very little formal training – you learn on the job. This works well most of the time."
Graduate, Leeds
"We get informal training on the technologies we use (ie learning by watching and doing) and formal training sessions on our system's architecture."
Graduate, Leeds
"There is training provided to you when you start to ensure you have an adequate knowledge of the product. However, making sure there are enough people to run the session can sometimes take a while. There is, however, always training/help available from your colleagues on a day-to-day basis."
Graduate, Leeds
"We don't really get formal training. Just a few talks and then a lot of assistance while working. I find it effective but I get that it doesn't suit everyone."
Graduate, Leeds
"The learning curve is understandably steep for a job like this, but newer employees are very well supported. We learn a lot on the job and also have regular talks and seminars to formalise the material we are learning."
Graduate, Leeds
"There is a complete lack of structured training, which makes the learning process harder. With so much to take on as a new starter, it would be much more beneficial to have structured training in place."
Graduate, Horsforth
"The training is almost completely on-the-job for coders, with experienced team members sitting with new starters while they complete almost all of their work. This continues (with increasingly independent work) until the new coder is 'signed off' after a year or two."
Graduate, Leeds
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