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Future Female Engineers

Future Female Engineers

Meet some of the brightest engineers and find out how you can follow in their footsteps

Oleksandra Mohyley

I was searching for placement opportunities and I came across the Future Female Engineers advert on the TARGETjobs website. At that point I was still trying to decide what type of company I wanted to work for and the type of projects I would enjoy, so I thought that by attending this event I could get a clearer image of what it was that I was looking for. After completing an application form, I received an invitation for a phone interview, which naturally made me a bit nervous and made me realise just how popular this event was. The interview itself was a 20-minute chat about why I wanted to attend, why I chose engineering and why it was important to get more women into the engineering industry. A few weeks later, I attended the event.

The event itself was brilliant and very helpful towards my applications. There was a talk focusing on how we represent and brand ourselves in the industry, networking opportunities, a design challenge and an all-female engineer panel discussing their careers. I think that some of the most beneficial parts of the event were the networking opportunities between talks where you could find out what it is like to work in each of the companies, as well as a chance to talk to the company recruiters who highlight what they are looking for in an applicant. One of the things that I noticed when talking to other attendees was that many people were still deciding whether engineering suited them or whether they would go into project management. Some of the speakers even said that they had their own doubts at first, but they made the choice to continue as engineers and hadn’t regretted it. On the day I was in the group focusing on applying to Mott MacDonald and Arup. At this point I had already submitted an application to Arup, as well as some of the other attending companies but, following the event, I felt like I had learned so much more about the company and the different roles that I ended up applying again for a different department.

I heard back from Arup after the event and was invited to an interview for a role in the Sheffield office. My attendance of the Future Female Engineers event stood out and it was a good topic to talk about in the interview. It wasn’t long after that I was offered the role for a year-long placement.