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IT's not just for the boys!

Female STEM students looking to forge successful careers in tech.

Lily Fisher

As a second-year student during a pandemic, I was really unsure where to take my career and what I should’ve been doing to forward it. I had friends applying for placement and internship roles but I felt so confused about what was expected of me. I came across an event called ‘IT’s not just for the boys!’ back in November and at first I was scared of putting myself out there. If I’m honest, I tried numerous times to ignore it! Luckily, with the backing of some friends, I took on the opportunity.

It was a day of networking with companies involved in the technological industry and I can honestly say I came out of it unable to stop smiling. It was really fun and enjoyable, pushed me to start taking my networking seriously, gave me contacts to start networking with and really got me to get involved with social media sites such as LinkedIn.

One of the companies I met here was Visa, and if it wasn’t for this day and the incredibly supportive people at TARGETjobs, I wouldn’t have had the opportunities I have, such as being accepted for Visa’s corporate finance internship! These last few months have really propelled me towards my goals, motivated me to be active in my networking and made the whole path much clearer to me.

I genuinely couldn’t recommend TARGETjobs and ‘ITs not just for the boys!’ enough and I am so grateful to the way they have helped me and changed my mindset for the better. I have now incorporated networking into my daily routine and love the interactions I have with business leaders. Thank you TARGETjobs!