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£18,600 - £23,400

Logistics Movers are responsible for the movement of troops and cargo according to RAF operational needs. You will operate IT systems, load and unload transport aircraft and accompany cargo all over the world.

It is a varied trade with an array of responsibilities. You could work in a port where shipments of cargo and explosives are handled, or help put together an under-slung load for a helicopter. Like most people in the RAF, you will probably move jobs every few years.

Typical Responsibilities

  • Check in passengers and cargo flying out on operations
  • Operate a forklift and other vehicles to load freight for transport
  • Plan loads using logistical IT systems
  • Opportunity to drive and operate specialist aircraft handling equipment


Level 2 Apprenticeship in Aviation Ground Operative.


  • Pay during first 6 months - £18,600+
  • Pay after completing basic training + 6 months service - £23,400+


  • Be aged 16-48
  • UK citizen or dual/UK holder
  • Commit to minimum 3 years post Phase Two Training
  • Health requirements
  • Fitness requirements

For more information about the role and details of our application process, visit the RAF Recruitment website or contact us via email.

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£18,600 - £23,400


UK Nationwide

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