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When people connect, there’s no limit to the good they can do.

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We connect for good

You’ll hear a lot in our company about how we connect for good.

We think of it as our purpose: to bring people together. We believe there no limits to what people can achieve when they connect. As technology changes our world, we’re in a position to help build those connections. They can be simple or complex, individual or communal, and, let’s be honest, helpful or harmful.

We champion these connections and harness the power of technology to help solve some of the world's biggest challenges, from climate change to cyber security. We empower people and organisations to get more out of this emerging world; removing limits and unlocking their potential.

That’s what we do, we connect for good.

Our values: Personal, Simple and Brilliant

Our values express what’s important to us, guiding us to do the right thing. They shape our culture.

They help us give the best experience to our customers, and to everyone who works for, with, and on behalf of BT. They’re our lifeblood, running through everything we do. How we communicate with customers, our relationships with each other. How we work together, how we build communities. How we design products and processes and systems. Our values pulse through everything we do, from the start of our supply chains to how we rescue customers when something’s gone wrong.

Our values influence everything we do, everything we are.

To us, they mean this:

We come across as human and show our customers that we understand and care.

We’re straightforward, easy to deal with and make complex things clear.

We lead the way in creating new things. And whatever we do, we do it really well.

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Facts and figures
  • Number of employees: 10000+
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  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • HR & Recruitment
  • Marketing, Advertising & PR
  • Management & Business
  • Procurement & Supply Chain
  • Retail, Business & Commercial Services