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Employees: 51 to 250

Be the difference that inspires a young mind. Apply for the Chatteris International Graduate Programme now to teach English in Hong Kong and experience life in one of the world's most cosmopolitan cities.

Who We Are

Chatteris exists to support young people in Hong Kong with their English language learning.

The foundation was started in 1990 when our founding trustees launched a volunteering scheme of visits to local secondary schools to provide students with extra opportunities to practise their English.

Realising a far larger scheme was needed, the trustees formed the Chatteris Educational Foundation and started raising funds to bring English tutors to Hong Kong to be placed in schools. Although a lot has changed in this time, we have always remained true to the lessons learnt by our founding trustees when volunteering all those years ago. Offering students opportunities for authentic, relaxed, and communicative use of English transforms their views of the language, especially for those from challenging socio-economic backgrounds, and our enthusiastic and committed tutors continue to provide such opportunities to this day.

Today, Chatteris places a team of approximately 60 English tutors full time in over 30 partner schools across three different age groups: primary, secondary and post-secondary. We also run short courses for schools, experiential learning opportunities for students, and deliver multiple community outreach initiatives to serve less privileged groups in Hong Kong society.


Our Values

  • Compassion
  • Commitment
  • Cultural Exchange
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity

What We Do

If You Are A SCHOOL...Impact Students

Offering them an authentic and engaging English environment in their school.

If You Are An NGO...Impact The Community

Collaborating with other charities across Hong Kong to offer beneficiaries English learning opportunities.

If You Are A DONOR...Impact Hong Kong

Connecting local businesses and organisations with schools to grant students a chance to
overcome the growing inequality gap.

If You Are A GRADUATE...Impact Development

Professionally developing our team of tutors to give them skills for life in education or other sectors.

a pretend english cafe
a pretend english cafe

Why Join Us?

Stop English Being A Barrier For Students In Hong Kong

By joining the Chatteris Graduate Development Programme you’ll have an opportunity to make a positive social impact while gaining practical work experience and exploring life in a new culture.

Whether you’re thinking about becoming a teacher in the future, looking to spend some time working for a non-profit organisation, or seeking professional development as you take your first steps in your career, the Chatteris Educational Foundation is an excellent starting point. We are extremely proud of the commitment and support we give to our staff on every step of their journey.

Give Back To Young Minds

The right teacher can make a huge difference to a student’s future life opportunities. By helping students realise that English can be a fun, engaging language, you can be the difference that inspires a young mind.

Make Friends For Life

Join the programme and come to Hong Kong with a cohort of like-minded graduates from around the world, taking part in our social and cultural activities and exploring Hong Kong and Asia together.

Develop Your Professional And Personal Skills

Every year, we ask our tutors for feedback regarding what skills they have developed as a result of joining the Chatteris Graduate Programme. As a team, they stated that the most beneficial outcome of the programme was its impact on their confidence, teamwork, and communication skills.

Latest opportunities

Latest opportunities

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