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Employees: 51 to 250

Digital Futures is a purpose-led technology training and services company, providing people from all backgrounds with the skills required to start their careers in tech.

Who We Are

Digital Futures is a purpose-led technology training and services company. Our mission is to transform the lives of others, helping individuals from all backgrounds acquire the necessary skills and confidence to start a career in technology.

We provide the opportunity for those with the right mindset and drive to reach their full potential, preparing them to become future leaders of the world’s most innovative companies.

By focusing on potential, as opposed to background or experience, we unlock exceptional talent and help the organisations we work with to build diverse and high-performing teams.

Our ultimate objective is to accelerate the transition to a skills-based economy and create an equitable future, and the opportunity to thrive in a digital world, for those who may have been previously overlooked.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people, irrespective of their background, to kickstart their career in tech. In doing so, we will improve diversity in tech and bridge the growing digital skills gap in the UK.

We are driven by the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion and we are passionate about creating opportunities for people who may otherwise be overlooked.

We find, train, employ and develop extraordinary hidden talent and equip them with the skills and knowledge they need to be able to make an impact in their careers, whilst we aim to build a more inclusive and equitable society.

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Our programmes

  • You will complete 12 weeks of free, expert-led training in data analytics, data engineering or software engineering.
  • You will achieve industry-recognised certifications to demonstrate your technical capability and skills to future employers.
  • You will get the opportunity to complete an industry placement working in high performing teams with one or more of our clients for 2 or more years.

Application process

  • Application: Complete the application form on the Digital Futures website.
  • Skills Assessment: Your suitability for the role will be assessed through a series of written, maths and technical challenges.
  • Psychometric Assessment: Our psychometric assessment, provided by Arctic Shores, looks for your unique traits, strengths, and cognitive capability through a series of task-based, gamified challenges.
  • Screening Interview: Our interview process is personal and designed to be a two-way conversation. Upon successful completion, you will receive an invitation for the final interview with your instructor.
  • Final Interview: In the final interview, with your lead instructor, you will be expected to demonstrate a clear understanding of the concepts covered in the technical assessment.


Ismail Temiz: “There is still so much to learn but my experience at Digital Futures has prepared me to pick things up quickly, making me a real asset for employers.”

Catriona McGlynn: “The 12 weeks of immersive training at Digital Futures have opened up opportunities for me. Thanks to the team here at Digital Futures, I felt like I was a success.”

Shivam Sheth: “I knew I wanted my line of work to be mentally stimulating and to have an impact on real people. After some soul searching, I decided to give a career in tech a try – I had limited experience in code but could see myself enjoying the challenges it presented.”

Raluca Dragomir: “Applying to Digital Futures was fast and the process focused on my skills and thinking rather than my lack of experience.”

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Latest opportunities

Latest opportunities

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  • Data Engineer

  • Digital Analyst